15 January 2015

Getting My Blush Game On

Me and blush. I believe I've made our relationship quite clear over the years, but incase you never knew, it's a pretty love/hate one. In all honesty, I'm a little scared of the stuff - too much can turn you into an Aunt Sally lookalike, and not enough draws any colour from your cheeks, it's all about finding the happy medium and sometimes it just doesn't happen, especially with a naturally ruddy, flushed face like mine. At the moment, things are well and truly on, and are looking to stay that way since a certain few formulas made their way into my (slowly expanding) blush stocks...

The situation changed for the better when a sweeping of Hourglass' Ambient Lighting Blush in Radiant Magenta first graced my apples. I know what you're thinking, why would someone so blush-shy pick out the most vibrant shade known to cheek colour, right? Right, but I promise it doesn't look as scary on as it does in the pan - never judge a blush by its colour - and is actually pretty easy to work with. Combined with Radiant Light to create a marble-like effect, the golden sheen fusing both powders tones things down a notch and delivers a veil of healthy, glowy-ness - you can see what that looks like on right here.

Naturally, when their Ambient Lighting Blush Palette, housing three downsized, easily blendable, wearable variations came about, I had a feeling this would be a good place to carry on where I picked up. L-R, we have Luminous Flush, a champagne pink paired with Luminous Light, as seen on here, which brings an all-round rosy glow, then the exclusive-to-the-palette number, Incandescent Electra, a cool peach hue, doubles-up with Incandescent Light to serve a subtle flush, and Mood Exposure, infused with Mood Light, a muted plum, is worn here - it's the perfect red lip companion, very unlikely to clash, yet saves you from being too washed out. 

My experimenting has even gravitated towards the likes of Charlotte Tilbury's Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop Blush in Ecstasy which I'm sporting in the photo above, very blended out. I repeat, very blended out, especially as its a pretty shimmer-ladened finish, but I like its concept - swirl the brush around the outside ring, sweep up the cheekbone for facial structure, then return and dab in the centre circle to apply directly to the apples, before merging together by blending seamlessly - it all sounds easy peasy, and it really is. 

That's as far as I'm taking it for now, slowly but surely, sweep by sweep, I'm getting more blush brave by the day, though a type-up 4 paragraphs long on the product in question must mean we're getting somewhere at least, hey?...


  1. The CT blush is as pretty on you as in the pan! Love the glowy goodness that picture is! :-)


  2. Ah thanks Divya - it definitely brings a whole lot of glow ;-)


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