22 January 2015

A Primer for Every Makeup Need

A primer-is-necessary kind of girl I'm really not. A layer of moisturiser followed by another of foundation is usually what goes down as part of my face makeup application day to day, but with that said, sometimes the situation calls for a bit more staying power - so allow me to introduce you to my primer four-piece; some set aside and only surface in times of longer-lasting-makeup needs, others you can find floating about in my daily makeup bag that are picked up and applied a lot more regularly. Either way, I've closed in on the best makeup perfecting, smudge-preventing bases from across the board...

Complexion - Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Reserved in said special-occasions-only drawer, this LM number comes out to play when I need my makeup to last longtime be it day or night. Lightweight, colourless and creamy-gel-like in texture, it blends straight in leaving a non-tacky, semi-matte veil which allows for foundation to buff in flawlessly, plus it's loaded with anti-oxidant packed vitamins to protect from environmental damage. I can't say I've trialled many pre-foundation bases in my time, but this is by far the best I've ever come across. 

Lids - Clarins Instant Eye Perfecting Base - As much as I like to work with a quick slick of the NARS Pro-Prime Smudge-Proof Base wand, this one serves up a whole lot more than just a primed lid. Flesh coloured, but a one-shade-adapts-to-all formula, it evens out the surface, whilst mattifying powders control oil and 3D pigments bring brightness and radiance - so much so, that I even like to pat it on under my eyes as a little something for my concealer to adhere to. Come the end of the day, my shadow looks as smooth as it did when applied, no crinkles, no creases, and I just love to pair it with their Ombre Matte Shadows.

Lashes - Clinique Lash Building Primer - When I'm going for more of a volumised, lengthened look to my lashes other than my daily quick coat, I firstly load up with this pre-mascara conditioner. Not only does it boost your mascara benefits and extend its wear, the treatment formula also helps strengthen and protect brittle hairs. 

Lips - Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat - If you read up on my go-to nude lip combo, you'll know that I'm currently all over the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk, a peachy-nude pink which helps re-size and shape the lips, but I draw it on all over to not only stop my lipstick from bleeding, but to act as a bit of a base for longer wear. It doesn't cling to flaky patches, or dry out the lips, in fact the formula is nicely nourishing and melts right in. Not a primer per-se, but it does a pretty close job and if it's good enough for CT, it's good enough for me...


  1. I have the Laura Mercier primer but never use it for because I'm just not one for face primers really! I'll definitely whip it out and give it a proper go though :)

  2. At the moment my favourite eyeshadow primer has been the NARS one, it makes eyeshadow last longer than the Urban Decay one. The only problem is I don't like the packaging of the NARS one - I really wish it was a squeezy tube as I hate the doe-foot applicator. Thanks for the recommendation of the Clarins one it sounds great!
    Claire x


  3. I could not live without my Make Up Bases and Primers! ^ w ^


  4. Ah you and me alike Emma - but I only use it when I really need it, and it does everything it says on the tube ;-)

  5. Ah I love the NARS one too - I've gotta admit, I like the ease of the doe foot, but the Clarins squeezy tube has currently taken over ;-)

  6. Ah, they're growing on me Paige! I figure these four are a good place to start ;-)


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