11 December 2014

Say Hello To Serozinc in The UK

If you haven't quite cottoned on in the past two days, it is my duty this morning to deliver what could just be the best beauty news of 2014; the skincare gods have taken note and answered all of our prayers, you ready? La Roche Posay's much coveted for can of zinc-y goodness, better known to us toner fanatics as Serozinc is making its way to UK shores and trust me, the struggle was real to keep tight lipped on this launch, so now that the big secret is out, let me shout this one from the beauty rooftops...

Review after review has graced many a pages of this blog, but here's your recap, or a fill-you-in if you've been hiding under a rock: As a concoction of only three ingredients, water, sodium chloride and zinc sulphate, it steps in as a hydrating toner, which not only injects a drink-like dose for thirsty skin, but also provides a shine-free finish and reduces redness for oily/blemish prone skins (zinc playing the main man in this role). I use it morning in, morning out after an exfoliating tone sweep, to add back what I've taken away and results have meant it's become one of my only few holy grail skincare staples. Yes I did just say holy grail. 

So, where's it happening? The exclusive stockist, Escentual, also the online home of fellow French pharmacy fave, Bioderma, are bringing in Serozinc as a permanent member of the LRP Effaclar range - Think of this as your three week warning, as the official go-ahead date to stock up on the stuff by the can load is January 1st. However, you're able to pre-order to ensure you get your mitts on some right here(FYI yours truly also makes an appearance in the reviews section). It rings up a heck of a lot cheaper than I'd prepared myself to pay, considering I had been shipping it across the channel for £10 plus postage. Form an orderly queue ladies... 


  1. This is something I definitely need to pick up! I've never used a toner before (I know, I know) and a hydrating one in a spray form is definitely up my alley.


  2. Ah you need - this toner will change your life ;-)

  3. I'm so glad this is finally here! Can't wait to try it out :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  4. I'm so jealous - I wish this product was available in Australia too! Have been dying to try it out for aaages.

    Jess @ www.eatingwithalice.com

  5. I am so glad that this is coming to the UK. I cannot wait to give this a try x


  6. This spray feels amazing! (I love your blog, by the way).


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