1 December 2014

Diptyque Insolite

Say it ain't so, but limited edition launches don't seem to send me too wild, and unless I know it's set to hang about, chances are it'll fly right over my head - here's where I eat my words, because when it comes down to Diptyque, things are different. I got a waft of a special offering weeks back, and ever since, my nostrils have craved another whiff, evidentially, sending me back for more (the struggle was real) and this time the purchase happened (through my mate Case, who offered to grab me one. Babe). The candle in question? Insolite; a limited edition exclusive to Liberty, meaning you won't get your paws on it elsewhere...

A member to Diptyque's festive family this year it is not, but the aromas it throws out really are all kinds of Christmas - 'mulled' and 'wine' were the two words that came to mind first time; its multi-faceted scent is inspired by the wealth of smells that are usually found lingering in boutiques - basically, it screams the vintage style that Liberty brings. Combining a warm blend of spices, petals, zests, peels and leaves, the top notes fuse orange, lime and cannel, at the heart is laurel leaf, juniper, clove, cardamom, ginger essence and floral accord, whilst cistus, cypress and white thyme make up the base notes. And can we just take a moment to ogle that box? Adorned in Liberty’s Needingworth and Peacock fan prints, those intertwine with Diptyque’s Paladin and Basile motifs, reflecting just how beautiful the candle contents are on the inside,  all over the outside too. 

One month on, I still haven't felt the need to strike a match to its wick as it packs enough of a punch and fills my room with fragrance sans flickering flame - the one reason that I can justify the extra fiver slapped on top of the usual price of a Diptyque offering, making it ring up at the £45 mark. It's one that won't be around for long, but a message to Diptyque devotees: this isn't a release to pass up on. I'm putting it out there - it's my favourite by far and a backup is starting to feel necessary. Now I get I've most probably said that about them all, but put a whole lot of trust in me on this one...


  1. This scent sounds amazing and the packaging is so stunning!


  2. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing ;-)


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