11 November 2014

When Your Blogging Brain Has a Blank...

My New Years Resolution of churning out a new post on a daily basis has been a bit of a flop. Trying to run my own business, whilst blogging daily has all been a little too much to take on, and if I'm out-of-schedule-sync when a free moment to write comes about, my blogging brain can sometimes turn blank and I'm often left feeling a bit uninspired. It's something that comes in fits and starts, but when my ideas are lacking, there's usually three reliable steps I take to that start things off on the right foot again...

Keep calm. When things get panicky, it all goes wrong. With no real schedule and content lined up, it can easily come down to putting quickly thought-up posts out there for the heck of it (ain't nobody who wants to see that), so it's not worth getting in a hot sweat about. Now I'm not saying a planned schedule is key here, but I find when I've got my posts lined-up in my Moleskine, they go out when they're meant to and if prepped in advance, a whole lot more time and thought goes into things, and generally that saves my blogging brain from going into melt-down. The morale of the story? Release your inner stationery addict with pens and paper, and see if pre-planning makes all the difference - I'll assure you it most probably will. P.s Tick boxes are the best thing. Ever.

Get Your Pamper on. Because any excuse to indulge in a pamper, no? If my thoughts aren't willing to cooperate, I'll simply get involved in a little product ritual - face masks, all the oils, a mini mani, the lot. I strike a match to my candle clan and switch right off, and find when I'm not forcing my mind into overdrive, things will come a lot more naturally.

Confide in Your Cosmetics. At times like these I turn to, lets face it, the one thing that's going help me out most here and resort to having a one-on-one with my dressing table; rummage through the drawers, Muji and all, and get a makeup swatch-a-thon going on - my notepad is at the ready and any ideas that come to mind are penned right away. Sometimes something just clicks, I have a lightbulb moment there and then, and a new post idea is born, it could be anything from a product review write-up that's been waiting to happen, to an out-of-nowhere edit, just like this one.

So for those of you also finding yourself stuck in a bit of a blogging rut, try these tips out for yourself. But hey - it's okay to have these days and it's also not easy to produce something new day-in-day-out. All I know is my New Years resolutions for 2015 are most likely to be a deja-vu of the last, but I'll roll with that...


  1. I hate having blogging blanks! Sometimes reading through blogs inspires me :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  2. Great tips! This little crisis has happened all too often with my blog, but I'm slowly finding ways to get out of it :) x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Thanks for reading Zazie! :-)

  4. This is true Kate - I find that helps :-)


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