26 November 2014

Mini Beauty Haul & A Word on MyBeautyCompare.com

Two things in life make me very happy indeed: beauty products, and a bloomin' good deal on my beauty products - now say hello to MyBeautyCompare.com, a site I've recently been introduced to that caters for my love of the two. Think insurance comparison sites that feature in the ads on your tele (yawn), but only a heck of a lot more interesting, as this weighs up the best prices on your best loved beauty bits across the interweb and serves you up the top deal. I chat about it a lot more in depth in the video, before running through a show and tell of a few things I picked up in the hair, tool and skincare departments...

Tap on the title in the top left of the video underneath, it'll open it up in a brand new tab where you can find all the added info and links to all things mentioned in the description box below it. Enjoy!


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