5 November 2014

Get Ready With Me: A Late Summer Wedding

This is one GRWM that's been a long time coming - a friend's wedding that happened way back late summer, though my prep process for the big day has only just surfaced in video form. My apologies. Some of you may even recall the panic I let loose over my social media regarding an outfit that wouldn't leave me looking too 'sweaty betty' amid 40 degree heat  - basically, I struggle enough as it is with a wedding appropriate dress code, but I settled on a vibrant orange, knee-lenghth number, paired with a black clutch and block heels. Note the makeup used was chosen carefully to ensure everything stayed in-tact through the humidity, and my curled locks had to be doused in a weatherproof veil spritz to prevent it going all stuck-to-the-forehead on me before the night had even started. So whilst I exhale a sigh of relief, I'll let you see my start to finish transformation with your own eyes...

Tap the title in the top left of the clip, it'll bring it up in a brand new tab ready for your viewing - there you'll find links to all things used in the description box underneath. Enjoy!



  1. Absolutely loved this Jessica! The editing is amazing and you looked absolutely gorgeous x


  2. Ah thanks so much for watching Anna, and for the lovely comment :-)

  3. Ah thanks so much for watching! :-)

  4. You looked beautiful! Love your shoes! I want the Hourglass powders so badly, lol! x
    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  5. Such a gorgeous look! Hope you had a fantastic time! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark


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