6 November 2014

3 Steps to Bye Bye Blemishes

I've more bad skin days than good recently; pesky, red under-the-skin lumps that don't seem to come to a head of any sort, but make you experience pain you thought never even existed (FYI I haven't yet been through childbirth) in the way of unwelcome appearances here, there and everywhere. In times like these, I avoid trialling anything new on the skincare front, instead sticking to what my complexion knows and loves - but I've allowed for one exception, La Roche Posay's Effaclar Anti-Blemish System. I'll fill you in, but as a heads up I now know where to turn when I find my skin in a future spot of bother...

Things begin with the cleanse step using their Purifying Foaming Gel - though it's made a few appearances in my morning skincare regime, and my feelings for it working well in conjunction with the whole range are real, gel-like, foam-up washes aren't my usual cleanse of choice and it will only get whipped out in times of real need. However, the next two steps were my reasoning for the purchase of this pack - their Effaclar Clarifying Toner being a bit of a precious gem, making its way across from the Asian market, though only available in this set and not as a stand-alone product on UK shores. This has stepped in as my morning mild exfoliation, to take the redness down a notch and keep blemishes at bay, and the results are a pretty mattified finish indeed, but I swiftly follow up with a generous hydration Serozinc spritz to complete my two-step tone.

If a makeup free day is on the cards, I then go in with the third-step star of the show to correct and hydrate, the Efficlar Duo (note the little [+] sign as this is their newly reformulated version). Now I never tried it out previous to this, so I'm not the one to ask in terms of a comparison, but all I do know is that it's worked wonders for my breakouts, and fast. So what's new? An added active ingredient has been thrown in to super size the effects, and when dabbed on post-cleanse, prevents breakouts with its hefty salicylic acid dose and acts as a bit of a clean-up squad to stop scars from forming, all this whilst keeping things nicely nourished at the same time, unlike many a drying spot solutions I've come across in the past. With that said, I'll welcome it to my evening routine to work throughout the night if I've worn makeup that day, sealing things in after with my chosen serum and moisturiser.

I hear you, results within 24 hours, really? I quite agree. Even after a weeks use once-daily, my skin had truly turned its frown upside down - basically, I noticed big results in those 7 days alone. Whilst things have calmed for now, I'm still going to keep this routine a regular thing with this aforementioned duo as part of my skincare stash, not only for all the right reasons, but also to encourage blackheads to lay low. In a spot of bother yourself? This guy is  the BFF your skin never had...


  1. I've heard so much about this trio and it sounds truly amazing!


  2. I really want to get my hands on this set - not sure if they'll be selling it over here though! The Effaclar Duo is a definitely holy grail in my stash, I really want to try the other two products as well!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. I love the Effaclar Duo it really is a miracle in a tube.



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