23 October 2014

What's in My MAC Eyeshadow Palette?

Whilst my palette pack generally gets a good rotation, there's one build-it-yourself member I've had a fluctuating affair with since it started up, hence why I've found it mingling its way in towards the bottom of the pile. Alas, I treated the contents to a new sturdier home complete with transparent top and ever since the love for my personalised 15-pan heavy shadow selection has been rekindled, needless to say, packaging can be a beautiful, beautiful thing. Skimming over from top, middle and bottom, left to right, I welcome you to a tour of my MAC shadow palette...

Top Row: The Shimmery Highlights
Nylon - The inner corner highlight of the bunch; a straight up shimmery pale gold that brings a brightening effect to a bronze smoky eye.

Blanc Type - This matte creamy beige is a good'un of a non-sheeny brow bone shade or swept on as a base for emphasising whatever you fancy dusting on top.

Naked Lunch - One of many lid picks but I have been known to sweep it on the brow bone; a warm peach-beige in shade, it just seems to work well with anything - think a fainter version of All That Glitters. 

Grain - Another subtly shimmery tear duct touch, this time more of a golden beige.

All That Glitters - Ooo a MAC Classic. It works great alone as a beige with laced with gold flecks, fitting well into the row below, but pairs up nicely with a bronzed crease.

Middle Row: The All-Over-Lid Washes
Honesty - The shadow that got this whole thing started. Deemed a pewtered bronze, it's much akin to ATG, though less pigmentation and more noticeable glitter. 

Woodwinked - A toasted antique gold which looks metallic when packed on, though turns a kind of copper when blended out. B-e-a-utiful.

Patina - A good all-rounder. With gold laced through it, this cool taupe is easy to pull off alone and is just something a little different. Plus it looks gorgeous on blue or green eyes.

Satin Taupe - For eyeshadow fiends, this is either a love it/hate it shade - Me? It's lurve. Yet another taupe, this pulls a little purple upon application finished off with a silvery sheen. 

Mulch - Sitting somewhere between a red and a bronze, this guy looks awesome all over with lashings of mascara, or popped through the crease as part of something smoky. 

Bottom Row: The Matte Crease Cutters
Malt - This soft pinkish beige also works well as a lid wash, but for a barely-there no makeup, makeup kinda look it's a nice definer paired with something light on the lids.

Omega - My go-to brow filler when I'm feeling powder over pencil. Here I've met my perfect brow match, a matte muted beige-taupe in shade, it works for many blondes and brunettes.

Cork - For a standard matte brown, here you have it - muted and golden brown, Cork cuts the crease just nicely and blends well with most others to bring a little depth.

Expresso - Think the aforementioned, but a darker golden brown, for when I need a little more something something. I often pair them up with this concentrated on the outer corners.

Carbon - Every shadow palette needs a matte black member, purely for smudgy powder lining or patted over lash glue to tone down the white residue.

Soba - I keep this guy in it's single pot, A) Because I've run out of space, and B) Because it's my fave of them all - a med-dark golden brown, with yellow undertones and a soft shimmer. It's a beaut, and this way it means I can take it anywhere I like without lugging around my full palette.

Not only does it add a touch more attractiveness sat out on my dressing table set up, it makes me happy to look at, really. And it doesn't stop at the neutrals - I once got to work on collecting more colourful options which I'm in two minds about transferring into a revamped pro-palette. Could that be a possible post? You decide...


  1. Wow, lovely!! I really want a MAC palette but they add up so quickly and there's so many other good options out there for a fraction of the cost! You're tempting me, though...

    xx Julia | Wing me a dream

  2. This is a really lovely combination and exactly how I envision my future MAC palette!


  3. Naked lunch and All that glitters are so pretty! A good palette you've got there!

  4. Beautiful selection of colours! Satin Taupe, Mulch and Naked Lunch are stunning! x
    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  5. I'm still slowly adding to my MAC palette, Satin Taupe and Patina are on my 'to-get' list :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  6. Satin Taupe and woodwinked is on my go check out list before buying. I find myself I lean towards the taupes and natural brown shades.. Never can have too many because you can do so much with them !

    Katie - http://ktmcgworld102.blogspot.ca

  7. Ah they do Julia, it can be a pricey investment - but they're seriously some of the best shadows I've ever swatched ;-)

  8. Ah thank you! I'm a neutrals gal through and through ;-)

  9. They're the perfect one-wash-wonders! Thanks Stephanie :-)

  10. They really are! Thanks Dagmara :-)

  11. Ah both beautiful shades, you need ;-)

  12. Ah I agree Katie - but yes I'd say try before you buy (but you'll definitely buy) ;-)

  13. This is such an handy article, since I am still filling in my own palette!

  14. Ah glad you found it helpful Natasja - thanks for reading :-)

  15. Hannah Butterworth8 November 2014 at 14:45

    That palette and the pictures are gorgeous, such good picks! It makes me want to go out and buy a whole palette! x


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