2 October 2014

Tanned Within The Hour

I'd say a good chunk of my career has been spent dousing client after client in the fake stuff - not to mention me and my work mates taking it in turns to get bronzed up after every late night Friday finish - so when I could, I vouched never to step foot near a St Tropez booth, that still left you whiffing of soggy digestives in the days to follow, ever again. A tube of Xen-Tan's Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe will always hold a special place, but when St Tropez released their latest, it'd been a while and I decided to put our differences aside to give it a try - plenty of trials and barely any errors later, that decision seriously surprised me. In a really good way...

Formulated to have you tanned up in as speedy as 60 minutes, St Tropez's Self Tan Express Bronze Mousse can be adapted to how dark you dare to go. Applied and showered off after an hour leaves you with a light, sun kissed glow, 2 hours is something more along the medium lines, and 3 hours delivers deep, dark bronze - however, this is simply your tinted guide colour and allows you to see if you've missed any patches along the way - the tan's actives continue to work for up to 8 hours once rinsed off to develop to your selected shade of choice. Light and airy in texture, it glides on silky smooth, absorbing right in and drying in an instant, with just a touch of tackiness I might add, and whilst the hours spent waddling around part-nude, arms flapping in a scary shade of mahogany aren't the most comfortable, the lovely hue your limbs have acquired are well worth that to get there, lasting for a good couple of days before fading evenly. It's seriously fuss, hassle and streak-free stuff, though I did endure a few dodgy patches around my wrists which tends to happen with any tan I slap on. Note to self: Pre-moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.

It's not my top pick for a colour fix, but it's up there when I've got a last minute thing on and need to liven up my pasty paleness, and fast. The best part? The smell ain't half as bad as what I recall, though it is a different formula, even once washed away but you've still got to expect a tiny hint of the ol' classic fake-tan biscuit-iness. It's priced at £33 a pump and you can pick one up for yourself right here.

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