9 October 2014

My Smoky Eye Essentials

Only on the odd occasion will I take up something smoky on my lids - day to day it's usually just a speedy wash with thanks to any one-sweep wonder - but when the night is right, I call on a few eye essentials to not only lend a helping hand along the way, but to also ensure everything's still well intact hours on. Preppers, primers, tidy-uppers, my masterpiece wouldn't look half as acceptable without this lot and said look is simply unachievable when they're not around. Bold lid lovers listen up, as it's time to meet my smoky eye favourites...

It all comes down to the base, because the dreaded panda-esque eye is never a good look - cue Clarins' Instant Eye Perfecting Base. Preventing creases, crinkles and prolonging shadow wear, it also brings a dose of brightening radiance - it can too be used under the eyes to perk up sleepy peepers, and help concealer stay put. I'll don that alone or pair it up with MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly for some serious shadow security. Neutral in shade, it cancels out discolourations and works as a great creamy base by gripping hold of whatever's popped on top.

When it comes to clean-ups (oh, there's plenty), MUJI's Fine Stem Cotton Buds get all the praise. Soaked in hardcore makeup remover, their tiny heads wipe out any mistakes without smudging your entire smoky masterpiece. A swipe of NARS' Radiant Creamy Concealer usually goes on before any of this gets started, but once I've done my cotton bud clean up I tend to go in with another just to blend out fall out.

What's any eye look without a helping squeeze from Shu Uemura's Lash Curlers? Pricey? Maybe, but nothing curls quite like them - I'd go as far as saying they're one of my biggest beauty investments. The mascara that's made for this kind of eye is MUFE's Smoky Lash. Building up a whole lot of volume, length and intense pigment whilst holding that curl, it tops off a heavy eye just nicely - one to dry out fast, but that only adds to the drama. I've touched on my five eye brush must-haves, but my top 3 for something smoky are MAC's 239 Flat Shader for packing on colour, the 217 Tapered Blending Brush for buffing duties, and the 219 Pencil Brush for precision shadow sweeping on the lower lash line - if you've got this trio to hand, all the hard work will get done for you.

If I'm going the whole hog, not always, but sometimes, a pair of falsies might just come into play. My most worn are the MAC 33 Lashes - still super natural looking, but just bring that extra added something something, and secured with the Lash Duo Adhesive, they're set to last through many dancing hours - well, I don't know about you but 10:00pm is way past my bed time...


  1. A good blending brush is key for the perfect smokey eye. I think so long as I had that I could really work with anything and create the desired look.



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