20 October 2014

Inflight No Makeup Makeup

Whittling down the beauty essentials for my hand luggage restrictions is something that I find quite the travelling task; it's usually bulging with the inducers that leave me feeling cool, calm and collected, as well as those that'll pick me up again prior to touch down. Now I'm not fussed what my appearance is like fighting my way through baggage reclaim, but a few clever touch ups just make me feel that little bit more human, include some serious skin friendly ingredients and don't meddle too much with the good stuff that's already been piled on...

My regular 3.5 hour flight isn't long haul enough to load up on the skincare whilst airborne  so I make sure that's layered that on before heading for the airport, but Burt's Bees' Honey Lip Balm is re-swiped throughout the flight. High altitude + lack of oxygen = skin absorbs almost anything that's applied to it, so powder is the biggest no no - it's only going to those dry patches appear all the more flaky. Post-hand sanitise with Aesop's Resurrection Rinse Free Hand Wash (you don't know who's touched that tray table), here's where I call on This Works' Perfect Skin Look Miracle to supply a hint of tint, and with a healthy hyaluronic acid hit for hydration, and Vitamin C and E for anti-inflammatory, it doubles up as skincare whilst perfecting the complexion. To brighten up my lids, I swipe on Clarins' Instant Light Eye Perfecting Primer for a flesh-toned veil to hide discolouration - I then dot it under the eyes to hold my concealer in tact. Where extra coverage is needed, Tom Ford's Correcting Pen steps in - one end an flesh toned, dark circle combater, the other a yellow hued fine nibbed concealer for cancelling out redness. Basically, it's good skin in a nifty travel friendly duo-ended stick.

I stick to something creamy when it comes to cheeks and all, you're gonna wanna go down the glowy road. MAC's Cremeblend Blush in Lady Blush allows me to step off the flight looking fresh faced and perky, and is pretty easy to tap on (no brush required). A quick squeeze with Shu Uemura's Lash Curlers is the way to go to look wide-eyed, and I follow with a smudge proof coating of Max Factor's False Lash Waterproof Mascara, just incase there's time to sneak in a power nap before landing (P.s there was)...


  1. Lovely products! They all sound so lovely and lightweight. The MAC blush sounds lovely - could even pat it onto the lips as well!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Love this! My skin always gets so dry when flying :(

    xx Rena

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    Fill In The Blank- Lifestyle Blog

  3. It's amazing stuff - a 'no makeup makeup' essential ;-)

  4. Ah I never even thought of that - it could definitely double up ;-)

  5. Ah I feel your pain Rena - I'm loading up on the skincare days after!


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