21 October 2014

If You Buy One Fragrance This Month...

A perfume splurge that's been a long time coming, well, ever since it hit the strategically lit glass shelves last month (surely that's long enough?) is that of Jo Malone's Wood Sage and Sea Salt. Since welcoming Blackberry & Bay to my scent stocks so soon prior to its launch, I thought it'd be sensible to wait this one out a little while, that was, until this weekend when my cavings got the best of me and I left said dreamy counter, swinging iconic cream and black bag in hand, convincing myself this was a wait well worth while...

Capturing all the aroma aspects of the Great British coast, Wood Sage & Sea Salt is basically our seaside, bottled up in fragrance form - think a pretty mix of mossy driftwood, mineral rocks, spray from the waves and fresh, salty air. Exactly. Opening with citrusy top notes for a crisp effect, it uses rare ambrette seeds to bring texture and sophistication. At the heart is where the salt element comes into play; with a crunchy nature, it delivers a subtle sense of freshness, which when blended with plum and dried fruits has a somewhat comforting feel about it. Then sage wraps things up as the base note, earthy and aromatic for some sensuality - all of this is topped off with a trace of musk (that's a signature JM touch right there) and with that, you have yourself something pretty special. 

Eyes closed, misting away, you're instantly taken shoreside for a split second, so if the describing words 'joyful, lively and spirited' are what you think up when it comes to your kind of scent, here's your guy. I've got to give it to Jessica (great name) who served me for my purchase - she frothed up the same scented Body & Hand Wash in a paper cup for a true sudsy experience, slathered my hands in the Body Creme and wavered the Home Candle under my nose just enough for me to extend my Christmas wish list a few items longer. When her ''You can never have enough perfume'' comment came into our long chat, I admitted a new one is a near seasonal buy for me, to which she responded with the fact she splurges on a Home Candle once a month (babe), instantly making me feel much better behaved.

As much I was tempted by the 100ml big boy, I opted for the 30ml spritz purely for its handbag friendly reasons, which comes priced at £40. Much akin to all JM scents, it doesn't linger long time, but with a smell this good, I'm just about okay with that. BRB, gone for another whiff of my wrists...



  1. I've been wanting to invest in a Jo Malone scent for a long time as they are all so stunning and unique, but the fact that they don't last a long time is a little disheartening for such a pricey product.


  2. That sounds really lovely, Jessica. Your post makes me want to rush out and buy a bottle!

  3. I splurged on this, too. SO worth every penny. Now I'm convinced I need to add more Jo Malone to my perfume shelf.

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  4. They're worth the price for their uniqueness alone - but the fact they don't linger is the biggest bummer (Booo!)

  5. I'm sure you'd LOVE this! :-)

  6. Ah me too B - Jo Malone is where I'm heading from now on for perfume purchases ;-)


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