22 October 2014

Five Things To Do Now It's Autumn

Autumn, is that you? Sunny daytimes with a slight crisp to the air just enough so to give me the excuse to cosy up in sweaters and light every candle in sight - personally, I've got to give it to this season for being my favourite of them all. With every new season, I'm welcoming a new series - something along the lines of 'Five Things You Can Do', each fitting the bill for that particular time of year and here's where it kicks off - a handful of tasks I advise you to make time for now that Autumn's arrived, beauty style of course...

Get a new 'do. I'm not one to feel a dramatic choppy change, but opting for a simple tip trim is a good idea around about now, though I've gone a fair few inches shorter this time - I like the whole mid-lenghts-tucked-into-scarf look for Autumn, y'know? My strands were feeling a little sorry for themselves after a summer of sun damage, and although I like to load my locks up in all kinds of masks, oils, you name it, whenever I can, the split ends were seriously shocking, needless to say the highlight of my past Friday was putting those into the hands of the babe that's my hairdresser. 

Bring out the berries. Ahh my favourite part. Don't get me wrong, I love the barely there bases and bright pouts for summer, but I warmly welcome the tones of Autumn when we're bringing it down to makeup. Whilst beautiful taupey hued metallics grace my lids, it's really all about the berries on the lips and fingertips.

Discover a new scent. Because there's always an excuse to purchase a new spritz. For me? A new season is always a good time, some scents are good year-rounders, others fit the bill perfectly for that certain time of year - I think Jo Malone's Wood Sage & Sea Salt has Autumny goodness written all over it. Fresh with a woody touch, a whiff of this takes you shoreside; heart notes of sea salt bring texture and represent spray from the waves that mingle with a deep, earthy sage base note. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

Up the oils. Any skin + oil = happy skin. My complexion drinks the stuff up, more so as we enter the colder climates and it's here where my skincare routines turn a little oil centric; I cleanse with one, follow with an oil based balm and top it all off with a treatment. There's no better feeling than putting 20 minutes aside to work them in, in an evening to reap the full benefits, your skin will thank you for it. P.s This is where I highly suggest you take a watch of Lisa Eldridge's Facial Massage video, the woman has things spot on.

A moisture-heavy mani. As well as my skin getting hit hard, my hands are next in line. I'm a bit slack at slathering the lotion on if I'm honest, but booking myself in for an at-home mani puts them in much better shape. It's a bit of a beauty bore for me, but if I sit myself down to do it in front of the tele, it's less of a quick cuticle trim and more of a full-on nourishing hand pamper, something I vow to keep up now that the weather's taking a turn for the worst. Note to self: you've got it there in writing. 


  1. I'm definitely down for bringing out the berry shades, I just love them so much! Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie will become a handbag essential for yet another year :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  2. rheaphoebecampbell22 October 2014 at 16:08

    Love this post! Idea's of what you can do this Autumn is such a good post idea :) Love it!

  3. Ah I'm sure I have that one rolling about somewhere in my lip product drawer - you've reminded me to fish it out ;-)

  4. Ah thanks so much for reading Rhea :-)


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