6 October 2014

Five Eye Brush Must Haves

Back in the day when my real makeup affair got underway, I was all for all things MAC - along with shadows, blush and lipsticks, here's where the beginnings of my tool collection amassed. Years of use later, and having endured many a Sunday brush laundry sessions, they've stayed true to their duties and still live up to the mark on a near daily basis. Of course, the 222 would be up there with the rest, but word on the street is that it's been discontinued. Why, MAC? Why?. Alas, these five eye guys play different roles in shadow application, all in good reason...

MAC 217 (a.k.a The Tapered Fluffy one) - Ah, the Queen of the blenders. I think this was my second ever brush purchase after its rounded sister (R.I.P 222) - the ferrule is slightly flattened meaning the bristles taper out for concentrated sweeping through the crease. It's shape fits the bill just perfectly for a bit of outer 'V' definition or just for a layer of something light all over the lids.

MAC 213 (a.k.a The Fluffy Shader one) - With a bit of fluffiness about its density, this one's good for washing over the one-sweep-singles, picking up and applying the right amount of product whilst blending it out nicely at the same time.

MAC 239 (a.k.a The Flat Shader one) - When I'm really wanting to pack it on, or even press in something that's a lot more loose and pigment-like, I reach for this guy. With a rounded, tapered edge and a dense bristle bunch, it allows for a whole lot of control and building up of product. Shadows and dusts aside, it works great at applying creamy consistencies too.

MAC 219 (a.k.a The Fluffy Pencil one) - This one steps in when I like to take my liner low on the bottom lash line, or even to smudge in a little something along my upper lashes. I'll either go over with a soft kohl and get to work on the blending, or load up the tip with shadow and swipe it on for added smokiness.

MAC 209 (a.k.a The Pointy Liner one) - Gel liner isn't usually my number one feline flick formula of choice, but whenever it is, things glide on much smoother when this tool lends a hand. For starters it's pretty fluffy, but when dipped in product toughens up to deliver a neat, build able cat-eye with ease of control.


  1. I've heard so, so much about the 217. I really want to pick it up but I do hear a lot of mixed opinions about MAC being very comparable to some cheaper brands such as Zoeva.


  2. I have the 217, 239, 219 and they pretty much keep me sorted in the eye shadow department! 213 is new to me.. haven't seen it around much! I am considering getting a fluffy blending brush but MAC has upped its prices so much I am on the hunt for a more affordable option!


  3. Mac brushes are amazing! Must purchase all of these!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. Your blog is fab! I love these nail polishes, need to buy some more colours! I've just done a review on my blog, you can read it here.

    Monica x

    Raid Her Wardrobe - A Beauty & Fashion Blog

  5. I've heard Zoeva brushes are all kinds of awesome - gotta try these out for myself ;-)

  6. Agreed! I've heard Zoeva brushes are fab, going to be giving those a test :-)

  7. They're worth the splurge - a kit investment ;-)

  8. Highly rec. these 5 for starters Jasmine :-)


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