24 October 2014

Beauty Apps That Are Worth Downloading

I'm not about to get all techy on you, don't fret - in fact, I'd love to think I'm one of those people who really knows what they're doing with their iPhone, but I could probably count the amount of apps downloaded on both hands, one hands worth would, of course, somehow be beauty related. From voucher codes to a 'what's in your products' guide to a hydration levels diary (yup really), let me introduce you to five of the best beauty apps I've scrolled across that are actually worth the instalment process, and help to pass the time when every YouTube clip in your subscription box has been marked as 'watched'...

Boots (free) - Bye bye paper coupons. That booklet of tear-out vouchers is needed no more - of course, they'll still be popped through your post box but if you find yourself about to pay for your drugstore goods only to realise you've left your deals at home, fear not as this app's got your back. Select personal offers upon log in and load them to your Advantage Card on-the-go to use in store - not only that, you can scour current offers and view what's fresh on the shelves. And get this, it's complete with a barcode scanner allowing you to look up product ratings and reviews in store. Nifty...

Good Guide (free) - The clue's in the name - this one gives you a guide to how good a product is, from skincare to makeup, to haircare to even food - and by 'good' I mean ingredients, health risks and environmentally friendly factors. There's the option of category browsing, but it's another with a barcode reader - simply scan and wait while it loads the need know. One downside? It's a US app so some brands might not be recognised, nevertheless, they've got pretty much everything covered (I've just had fun barcode reading beauty bits around my bedroom TBH).

IDrated (iTunes £0.69)  - Hands up who doesn't down their daily 8 glasses of water? *raises hand*. Now it's not necessarily a beauty app, but it's obvious, hydration = good skin. So I'm down for this - log when you last had a glass, it'll tot-up on average your body's overall hydration, plan your next, then ping a notification when the time comes round. A lazy excuse for a reminder, maybe - but with a busy work schedule I get super forgetful, even when it comes to drinking so each alarm keeps me knocking back the Evian like there's no tomorrow. Plus, it keeps a diary of your achievements and you're even awarded medals when you reach your targets. Sad, but satisfactory

The Body Shop (free) - It's not often I get to swing by my nearest TBS store for a swoon and although I like to eye-up my products in the flesh this app allows you to have a virtual catalogue browse, shop the range securely from your device, be the first to know about promotions and offers, build a personalised skincare routine, watch how-to's and discover more product info using, you guessed it, a barcode scanner... 

Beautylish (free) - How about everything from the latest trends and beauty tutorials to product ratings, reviews and Pinterest-y style picture inspirations all rolled into one app? Look no further. A good'un for getting involved in all things beauty and one for scrolling through to make time fly; bus trips, car journeys, train treks etc. Beauty addicts unite right here.

Now, time for a favour from you - have a flick through your device and tell me what' apps are missing on mine? I'm all ears...


  1. I download all of my favourite beauty store apps as well, they are so good for browsing when you're bored.


  2. Another good water app is waterminder, love this app it's so cool

  3. Awesome, thanks for the rec. Katie :-)

  4. Oh my... that's an awesome post - thanks ;) There is also should be one to keep a wish list;)

  5. Ah thank you! YES that would be ah-mazing ;-) It's Chanel's 'Frenzy' - it really is a beaut!

  6. Definitely have to pick it up! thanks hun!


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