27 October 2014

The Week #1 | Moving Abroad & Airport Mini Haul

Say hello to a little taster vlog of what's maybe, just maybe, to come once the New Year rolls around. For those wondering why I spend most of my life at the airport, on a plane or out of the country, the clue's in the title with this one - yup, I'm moving abroad. Whilst my life is nowhere near interesting enough to do it daily, I thought highlight snippets from the previous seven days whittled down into one lengthy clip would be a good way to keep my family and friends in the loop with what I'm up to, as well as giving you a chance to join me on my new life journey. This past week sees me head to my home-away-from-home, where a few naughty, but some necessary, purchases were made along the way, to a Nutella-coated, waffle centric breakfast that ends the week - so whether or not this becomes a weekly thing as of 2015, I'm leaving for you to decide...

24 October 2014

Beauty Apps That Are Worth Downloading

I'm not about to get all techy on you, don't fret - in fact, I'd love to think I'm one of those people who really knows what they're doing with their iPhone, but I could probably count the amount of apps downloaded on both hands, one hands worth would, of course, somehow be beauty related. From voucher codes to a 'what's in your products' guide to a hydration levels diary (yup really), let me introduce you to five of the best beauty apps I've scrolled across that are actually worth the instalment process, and help to pass the time when every YouTube clip in your subscription box has been marked as 'watched'...

23 October 2014

Autumn Wardrobe Additions

You know those days, you have enough outfits to dress a small army of fashionistas, but when it really comes down to picking out a dress code day to day, you actually have nothing to wear? Yep. I've had a few too many of those floordrobe moments over the past couple of weeks - my closet was seriously lacking some top-half attire, I was in need of another pair of my favourite jeans and my autumn shoe selection was lacking in anything seasonally appropriate (I had nothing. No, really). One seriously shocking bank balance and an arm full of shopping bags later, I feel I've filled the gaps that needed to be filled within my autumn wardrobe, and in a true hauling fashion, a show and tell of my latest purchases has followed...

What's in My MAC Eyeshadow Palette?

Whilst my palette pack generally gets a good rotation, there's one build-it-yourself member I've had a fluctuating affair with since it started up, hence why I've found it mingling its way in towards the bottom of the pile. Alas, I treated the contents to a new sturdier home complete with transparent top and ever since the love for my personalised 15-pan heavy shadow selection has been rekindled, needless to say, packaging can be a beautiful, beautiful thing. Skimming over from top, middle and bottom, left to right, I welcome you to a tour of my MAC shadow palette...

22 October 2014

Five Things To Do Now It's Autumn

Autumn, is that you? Sunny daytimes with a slight crisp to the air just enough so to give me the excuse to cosy up in sweaters and light every candle in sight - personally, I've got to give it to this season for being my favourite of them all. With every new season, I'm welcoming a new series - something along the lines of 'Five Things You Can Do', each fitting the bill for that particular time of year and here's where it kicks off - a handful of tasks I advise you to make time for now that Autumn's arrived, beauty style of course...

21 October 2014

If You Buy One Fragrance This Month...

A perfume splurge that's been a long time coming, well, ever since it hit the strategically lit glass shelves last month (surely that's long enough?) is that of Jo Malone's Wood Sage and Sea Salt. Since welcoming Blackberry & Bay to my scent stocks so soon prior to its launch, I thought it'd be sensible to wait this one out a little while, that was, until this weekend when my cavings got the best of me and I left said dreamy counter, swinging iconic cream and black bag in hand, convincing myself this was a wait well worth while...

20 October 2014

Inflight No Makeup Makeup

Whittling down the beauty essentials for my hand luggage restrictions is something that I find quite the travelling task; it's usually bulging with the inducers that leave me feeling cool, calm and collected, as well as those that'll pick me up again prior to touch down. Now I'm not fussed what my appearance is like fighting my way through baggage reclaim, but a few clever touch ups just make me feel that little bit more human, include some serious skin friendly ingredients and don't meddle too much with the good stuff that's already been piled on...

9 October 2014

My Smoky Eye Essentials

Only on the odd occasion will I take up something smoky on my lids - day to day it's usually just a speedy wash with thanks to any one-sweep wonder - but when the night is right, I call on a few eye essentials to not only lend a helping hand along the way, but to also ensure everything's still well intact hours on. Preppers, primers, tidy-uppers, my masterpiece wouldn't look half as acceptable without this lot and said look is simply unachievable when they're not around. Bold lid lovers listen up, as it's time to meet my smoky eye favourites...

6 October 2014

Five Eye Brush Must Haves

Back in the day when my real makeup affair got underway, I was all for all things MAC - along with shadows, blush and lipsticks, here's where the beginnings of my tool collection amassed. Years of use later, and having endured many a Sunday brush laundry sessions, they've stayed true to their duties and still live up to the mark on a near daily basis. Of course, the 222 would be up there with the rest, but word on the street is that it's been discontinued. Why, MAC? Why?. Alas, these five eye guys play different roles in shadow application, all in good reason...

2 October 2014

Tanned Within The Hour

I'd say a good chunk of my career has been spent dousing client after client in the fake stuff - not to mention me and my work mates taking it in turns to get bronzed up after every late night Friday finish - so when I could, I vouched never to step foot near a St Tropez booth, that still left you whiffing of soggy digestives in the days to follow, ever again. A tube of Xen-Tan's Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe will always hold a special place, but when St Tropez released their latest, it'd been a while and I decided to put our differences aside to give it a try - plenty of trials and barely any errors later, that decision seriously surprised me. In a really good way...
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