8 September 2014

Two Trans-Seasonal Scents

The two newest additions to my fragrance wardrobe were purchased with all good intentions; mainly the intention to see me through each and every warm month we're blessed with, but with summer soon to be drawing to a close, there's no reason why these perfumes in particular can't see me right on into the Autumn too - not only because I haven't been able to stop misting myself in their aromas since said purchases were made, alternating from one day to the next, but also because both sit quite comfortably in the transseasonal scent category - basically, they're not getting put away anytime soon...

Having melted my way through candle after Diptyque candle, I thought it was about time I tested the perfume waters, starting with Philosykos. Capturing the scent of a sun-kissed Greek Island in a bottle, this one is an ode to the fig groves of the Med; opening with a leafy green freshness for starters, the sweet, fruity fig notes come next into play, intertwining with  a hit of rich earth and a dry, woody note - all of this topped off with a hint of coconut. Though it has that natural, 'green' feel about it, it's still very sophisticated and feminine - unlike anything else I own and nothing like what you'd come across on the highstreet. A spritzing will always take me back to the summer months with it's fruity elements that also have an Autumnal aroma about them similarly, and so with the woody base thrown into the mix, it's made to be completely post-summer, pre-winter appropriate. 

With the same fruity, paired with woody note combo in mind, Blackberry and Bay is by far my fave Jo Malone pick - though I'm yet to get a whiff of the latest, Wood Sage and Sea Salt, which has had nothing but five star write-ups. The top note releases a juicy, but slightly tart burst of blackberry mixed with the essence of bucco tree stepping in for the crunchy, greenness of their leaves - both just have the scent of summer written all over them - whilst heart notes of bay, delivering an aromatic quality, and cedarwood, imbuing the base with its woody, dry character, bring an all-round sense of Autumn to the scent. The one downside this one brings is its longevity - or lack of it - though that most certainly hasn't stopped me eyeing up the matching candle...


  1. Oh my, I just purchased Jo Malone's Wood Sage & Sea Salt and if you can get whiff, definitely do! It is heavenly! I've never smelled Blackberry & Bay, but I imagine it smells amazing!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  2. I've got a feeling it won't be long until Wood Sage & Sea Salt weens its way alongside Blackberry & Bay ;-)

  3. I'm so tempted by the new Jo Malone scent, Its the only one I've ever smelt and I have the feeling that visiting a shop could be quite lethal for my bank account!


    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  4. Haha! It's very lethal Jade, though the new scent is very, very beautiful ;-)


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