24 September 2014

The Wonders of Oribe Sprays

I'd be lying if I told you I had a well-behaved head of hair, because well-behaved it truly ain't; refusing to cooperate on a daily basis, it's taken a while but my undone, with-a-swoosh-load-of-volume needs rest on a particular lock product line up. Styling wise, I've got it down to the sprays, that mainly come courtesy of the game changing brand that is Oribe - a collection that hasn't come cheap, but their prices are justified (kind of) because they do exactly what's said on their tins - here's every reason why Oribe sprays are all kinds of wonderful...

For some pre-blow dry va-va-volume, I welcome a generous dousing of Maximista Thickening Spray through freshly washed, damp locks. Not only does it inflate follicles for hair that's larger than life, but it works as a heat protectant too. I spritz it on all over, forcing my hair into a backflip to make sure I get those under layers too, proceed with the heat and the result is a matte mop with a lived-in look and a whole lot of oomph.

I've worked my way through can load upon can load of products with big hair promises, but nothing quite measures up to how their Dry Texturizing Spray does it - no crunches nor crisp, no sticky strands, just plumped-up roots with an added touch of texture thrown in for good measure. I roughly section things off around the crown, lifting pieces right up to mist at the roots, follow by giving my hair a bit of a tousle et voila. It doubles up as a dry shampoo but I don't feel it plays the part all too well, so I assign that to Klorane's Oatmilk offering. The best bit? It comes in a mini handbag friendly size for when you're out and about, as well as the £38 big boy too. 

I deem their Thick Dry Finishing Spray a good 'do in a can - having a bad hair day? Glance this way. Swirled over a dry style in a halo-like motion magically turns your flat mane into the I've-just-left-the-hairdressers kinda look - with just the right volumizing balance and a touch of dry hold, it gives floppy hair a kick up the backside by putting it in its place. It's probably this that comes as my most used mist, or else I'd be surrendering to bad-hair-day syndrome, all day, everyday.

There is one that I reserve for the sunnier season, purely because it gives the impression to others that I've spent the day sun, sea and sand bound (even if I haven't) - cue Apres Beach Spray, creating wavy, tousled tresses minus the stickiness that some sea-salt style sprays bring, it's actually loaded up exotic oils and rich extracts to deliver a dose of moisture  and shine. I find results hold better on second-day hair and I work it into dry sections by misting it into my hands and manually scrunching - you can get a feel for it's magic here

And that's not the bulk of it, preps and primers, humidity shielders and strong-hold hairsprays are just a few others they have to offer - heck, they even have a Dry Conditioner member (intrigued much?) - I predict this is one mane care kit that'll keep on growing. Big hair, I do care...

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