5 September 2014

The Does-It-All Body Lotion

As far as body care goes, a daily wash down and twice-weekly scrub up is the regular love that my limbs get, but body lotion? Here's where things come to a screeching halt (and that's not just the noise I make when standing starkers slathering on a cold cream). I think we all know my feelings for Perricone's skincare by now, so it wasn't going to be long until I extended the product miracles past my face, kicking things off with Cold Plasma Body, and just as predicted, it's a winner...

As the all-over, neck-to-toe big sister version of Perricone's best selling Cold Plasma face treatment, Cold Plasma Body is formulated with the same delivery system and key science-y stuff in mind to tackle body hang ups that come with ageing; Dimethylethanolamine delivering a toning and tightening appearance and minimising lines and wrinkles, Sodium Hyaluronate for a locked-in hydrating, plumping dose and Caffeine to diminish the look of   cellulite. It's going to take a lot to a diminish my dimples, but after working my way through half of the bottle in the past few weeks, I've picked up on some noticeable toning, and on top of that what a generous slathering does do, is manage to smooth imperfections and although shimmer free, somehow imparts your limbs with a healthy, radiant glow. Its pump makes for ease and mess-free application, not to mention how speedily it absorbs into the skin, leaving things seriously, silky soft, like, seriously. P.s. There's not too much of a whiff to it either, just your typical generic Perricone cream kinda scent that doesn't linger - it means my perfume has nothing to contend with, and I'm okay with that. 

With that said, I've been slapping it on left, right and centre (*ahem* mainly centre), though at £79 it doesn't come cheap, but as with all Dr P's treasures, you get what you pay for. I'll have plenty more where that came from please, and by the bottle load...

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