22 August 2014

The 'I Just Got Back From Holiday' Look

It's a given - we feel at our upmost healthiest after a decent dose of sun, sea, sand and cocktails (okay, maybe not the latter) but bronzed up limbs, lightened locks and the general given glow sure enough leave you looking great, and if I can say so, rather smug, especially when watching the pasty pale passengers board the plane you've just stepped off. So whether you're faking the 'I just got back from holiday' look altogether or topping up what you've already achieved, here are my product suggestions to bring into play...

First up, Xen-Tan's Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe is cracked out on a regular basis be it summer or winter to take the edge off my pastiness and is always going to kick off the 'You been away somewhere nice?' question in conversation, so seeing as a whole-two-weeks-to-acheive natural suntan fades quicker than you can say holiday blues once I've touched back, a layer (or two) keeps colour topped up rather nicely. My fake it fast-fix comes from This Works' Perfect Legs Skin Miracle - bringing a hint of colour when blended on bare legs, this slightly shimmer tinted lotion transfers subtly, enhancing as it goes. Loaded with moisturising properties it deeply nourishes, vitamins C and E even things out and a measure of arnica helps fade bruising, though it isn't only restricted to pins - I slap the stuff on head-to-toe. 

Bumble's new Invisible Oil Primer is the scent of summer in a bottle and misted all over the hair not only leaves it lingering like coconuts, but it also softens, silkens and brings an all-round healthy feel. Another just-been-away giveaway is sun-bleached locks - mine usually lighten up a fair few shades but I have to spend some serious time in the rays to come about it - cue L'Oreal's Sunkissed Jelly, all of the above, in a tube. Regular applications gradually take colour down a couple of notches for a naturally brightened look with a bonus satin-to-the-touch gloss - stay tuned for a full writeup.

My go-to holiday healthy face palette this summer has been from Hourglass with their Ambient Lighting Powder Palette. Three glorious glow-inducing shades in one sleek compact, what's not to love? One has the all-over setting duty, the second highlights the high points and the third delivers a dose of bronze in all the right places.

Nothing does the 'holiday look' like bronzed-up limbs topped off by brightly painted talons (orange for me if you hadn't guessed) and Essie's Roarrrrange, a vibrant tangerine creme from their summer '14 collection has nailed it as one of my top seasonal polish picks. As for me, I've just touched base on UK ground, these six products in tow to keep this up for as long as I can pull it off (December)...


  1. Love the Essie shade, so gorgeous!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. Isn't it a stunner?! :-)

  3. ;-)
    I always hated orange nails. This year I like them! :-)

  4. Max Factor Mascara looks amazing on you! Must have been a good recommendation from someone ;-)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  5. Great reviews! I had teeth sensitivity problems
    with Crest and switched brand, now I’m using Stella white strips and the result
    I got after just a week is amazing! You should really try them out :)

  6. Haha, I'm hoping to keep things topped up ;-)

  7. Ah they've grown on me the more and more too Una - to the point where it's really only the colour I wear ;-)

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