12 August 2014

Packaging with Benefits

Nothing floats my product packaging boat more than something pretty, but practically speaking, when it comes to skincare packaging, functional > pretty. Of course, it really comes down to what's on the inside, but a product that's had some well-thought-out packaging always bared in mind. From press tops to pumps, spatulas to pipettes,  heck - even packaging with added sun protection? Yep, there really is such a thing - Here's my bonus-points-awarded container round up...

Push-Down Tub Tops. Both my Kate Somerville GMC and Hydraluron Moisture Jelly moisturisers come with the niftiest press pumps - the dispenser hole runs straight through the centre of the tub and when its surround is pressed down a perfect pea-sized dollop is pumped. Hygienic, waste-saving and air-tight, I like

Sun Protected Glass. Not only does Neal's Yard's cobalt blue bits brighten up my monochrome, Perricone heavy skincare stash, they're also designed to protect the product inside from direct sunlight, preventing them from drying up, going off quicker etc etc. Now we all know not to keep our facial array on the windowsill as it is and although my lot is out of sun's reach I still think they've thought this one out nonetheless. Speaking of Dr P, I remember reading that he himself had a similar lightbulb moment and produced his products in brown frosted glass bottles and pots for the same reasons. The guy's a genius I tell you.

Pipettes. There's something about a pipette I just love, but for the fun of it aside, they save from an oil-slick mess and you've got total control over it's measures - basically, anything that sucks up and squirts out gets the thumbs up gesture from me. 

Pumps. Whether its for in the shower or sink-side, a product with a pump, generally of the cleansing kind, makes all the difference. Usually one press-down from something along the lines of Perricone's Nutritive Cleanser serves up a decent sized splodge - not too little, not too large. Knowing my clumsy-self, anything to come along that's pump-less just creates a lot of product wastage and I can't bare the thought of shimmying said product back in its container once it's touched my hands (they're clean, of course) which takes us back down the  whole unhygienic route. Pumps FTW.

Spatula. With that said, I also don't enjoy dipping in and finger-scooping out my balms and creams, so it's a joyous moment when discovering your new product comes paired with a spatula. Small enough to spoon out the right amount, it makes things clean and tidy, even if a bit of a faff...


  1. I agree for skincare functional matters more than prettiness! I really like Aesop's packaging and hate Antipodes' they have their creams in pots which is so not right!

    Divya | TheConscienceFund

  2. I love push down tub tops for nail varnish remover! Its no spill xx

    BerrieBlogs {beauty blog}

  3. Love the push down dispenser in Hydraluron! Hate sticking my fingers into pots, much prefer tubes! Have also been known to use a spatula!

  4. Great post, I haven't come across one like this before and I loved it.




  5. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray- ive never heard of this but is sounds lovely. Anything to do with sleeping and im there. xx

  6. Ah I love Aesop's packaging too! Agreed - it's all about the push-top tubs and tubes ;-)

  7. Ah that is one genius packaging idea ;-)

  8. Ah me too Dee! Makes life so much easier ;-)

  9. Definitely! Ain't nobody got time for that ;-)

  10. Ah thanks for having a read Meg :-)

  11. Oh yes! Completely hassle free ;-)


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