17 August 2014

Oribe Apres Beach Spray

A couple of months back, a new member to my Oribe family was purchased well in advance with the intention of it being preserved until sunnier, summer days - I think that time is now, you agree? More so that I'm currently within a close proximity to sea and sand, this can comes into play perfectly and has been preening my hair pre-beach day - that's your clue right there - here's how it measures up to its sister spritzes...

Apres Beach Spray is the wavy, tousled tresses creator of the line-up, minus the stiffness that some salt sprays bring. Results are buildable from one day to the next and are best delivered to second day stands, even better when first day hair has been prepped and slept in. Oribe say it can be doused through either a wet or dry head of hair but I prefer it on post left-to-dry naturally locks and find it can be a little sticky whirled on all over - I read up that salty texture style sprays are best misted into hands and scrunched into mid-lengths to ends, so that's exactly how I work it. Loaded with exotic oils and rich extracts, it won't dry out or withdraw natural moisture but instead injects shine and a hefty nourishing dose whilst repairing any damage done. Not only that, a layer of the stuff doubles up as UV hair protection and all.

I won't be getting too spritz happy at £34 a tin but scrunched in my preferred way means a lot less goes to waste. Beach to bombshell hair that holds up all day. Yes please. And as Oribe  suggest as a last step: ''Let dry in the St Tropez air'' (I don't know about that) but ''Follow with lipstick and heels''. Done and done. 


  1. Hey Jessica! I have this spray and have had it more than a year and nearly gave up on it until now! I rarely use hair sprays but when I do I think I over apply! :P I am going to try using the "spray on the palm" method and lets see! :-) I loved reading this btw, your posts are always the best kind to read! :-)

  2. Ah yes definitely give this way a try - you can build it up as much as you like, but I find it's too much when I spray it on directly! Thanks so much Divya :-)

  3. It's pretty fab stuff :-)

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