29 August 2014

Holiday Hair in a Tube

Take a scroll back through the family holiday photo album and there you'll find me, poolside, the straight-up lemon juice trick drenched though hair in an attempt to naturally lighten my strands - I won't lie, it worked and did somewhat bleach my blonde locks but along with it came sticky, acidic results that left things feeling heavy on the dry, brittle side. However, a less messier, new summer release to hit drugstore shelves is designed to deliver a sun-bleached look to your locks without the aforementioned downsides - L'Oreal's Casting Sunkiss Jellyand I deem it holiday hair in a tube...

First you pick your colour, there's three options in shades that make up the range - I opted for Light Blonde to Very Light Blonde, exactly how my hair turns after a few too many hours spent in the rays. Onto the application and it can go three ways; all over for the hint of sunkissed tint, through the odd here and there strand for a highlighted look or concentrated on mid-lenghts to ends for the ombre effect. Once a day, every other day, for the past two weeks - the more regular, the better - I've been slathering the jelly from root to tip. The process works best when applied to dry hair, then let set under the sun or finished off with a blow dry to get the heat activated agents working. It's like you'd never know it was there - no crispiness, no greasiness, no nothin' - and best off all, no ammonia, just super soft, non-chemically scented, satiny locks. I read up that 3-4 uses will just about do you, but I've managed to squeeze out at least 7-8 decent sized dollops and just distributed it sparingly through my thin, but-there's-a-heck-of-a-lot-of-it mane.

The results? Pairing up the before and after shots side by side shows how much I've lightened up, very light blonde indeed. But it's delivered the sun-bleached colour I've been craving this summer and managed to do so evenly and naturally, and not to mentioned it also compliments my tan rather nicely - though don't tell anyone that's not all that real either...


  1. Looks gorgeous! I actually bought this for my hair, obviously my hairs not blond it's a mid brown but it's given it some pretty highlights. I only got 2 application from one bottle as I have quite a lot of hair but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than going to the hairdressers :)
    xxx Claire

  2. Love the way this looks on your hair!

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  3. Agreed! And it looks so natural - glad you're liking your results too Claire ;-)

  4. Ah thanks Kate - I'm super pleased with it :-)


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