18 August 2014

Get Ready With Me: Beach Edition

Grab your shades and sunscreen for things are about to get beachy, in the way of my debut GRWM that is. With a sun and sand filled day planned ahead, I cut my lay-in short to film the process of how I pull off surfed-up look the before I've even made it there; this includes sea salt spray by the can load and lashings of waterproof mascara in case you were wondering. But please be assured things don't stay so preened and polished as after approximately 10 minutes in the heat, I've merged into a hot, sweaty mess. And speaking of polish, yes I do take my lacquers along for the ride - think about it, when else do you lay so still for the lengthiest amount of hours, you should give it a try some time...
Click the title in the top left hand corner of the video, it'll pop open the clip in a brand new tab ready for your viewing and all the products are linked up in the description box in order of use. Enjoy!

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