14 July 2014

Two New Benefit Buys

Benefit, it's been a while. So much so that it took me some deep thinking as to what my last purchase even was, but I've racked my brains back to the limited ed 3-way blush box from a few Christmas's ago (a frequent travelling cheek lovers dream). Releases since haven't picked up on my beauty radar but two of their latests sent out some strong signals that basically read: You. Need. 'em. Let me explain... 

Eye wise, they've been slap bang on point - to the point where one product has given the whole blogosphere something to chat about. That just so happens to be my most recently bagged of the pair, the They're Real Push Up Liner - a fool-proof gel pen that makes lining a breeze, even for the most winged flick scaredy cats among us. Pre-purchase, I had a feeling it would be a formula-soaked nib just like the liquid liner type - nope, it's a pretty hardy 'Accuflex', skinny tapered triangular tip with a slit that dispenses the jet black gel through the twist-up click stick, meaning there's no chance of it drying up like the latter mentioned - plus the screw top lid keeps things extra secure. Their biggest claim is that it's the first lash hugging gel liner pen of it's kind - snug lash hug it does, but a debut gel liner pen? I think Maybelline's Lasting Drama Gel Liner Pen may have beaten them to it without them even clocking. Did someone say dupe? I've found manoeuvring the tip flat against the outer corner at the correct angle allows for your flick, then swept along the upper lash line fills between the roots for the most perfected edge to make eyes appear a whole lot larger. Formula wise it's hella matte pigmented, long wearing and waterproof. Side note: It can be a little smudgy if you're clumsy upon application, but once set, it's set there to stay. All. Day.

But originally getting me back on the Benefit bandwagon was a tube of Gimme Brow. Deemed a mascara for your eye framers, it's tinsy tiny wand brushes on the build-able tinted fibre gel, adhering to skin and strands as well as combing strays into place. Tapered again in shape, thicker arches are easier to create as too are elongated tails with the precision tip. Another long-wearer, this time this one's water-resistant and won't be budging come sweaty face situations - my shade match is Light/Medium but they have a Medium/Dark to offer and all. With that said, I'm eagerly, excitedly awaiting to see what beauty innovation is next up Benefit's sleeve - show us what'cha got...


  1. I actually dreamt about the new Benefit Push Up Liner last night, now that's good marketing!

  2. May have to try the maybelline eye liner before I invest in the they're real liner I had no idea there was another like the benefit one :) x


  3. I've been hearing mixed thoughts about the liner, I guess each to their own! I definitely want to try Gimme Brow though, I really feel like it would help out my very sparse brows!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. I have had both of these tried on me at the counter, I wasn't impressed with the liner as it smudged on my brow bone within a couple of hours but I think I will purchase the Gimme Brow.

    Laura | Breton & Blush

  5. I regret not getting the Gimme Brow at Winners (TK Maxx) back in May! I have tried it in Sephora just a few hours after that and loved it! And when I returned to Winners, of course it wasn't there anymore!


  6. Ahhh no! What a bummer - obviously too good to be true and someone beat you too it! Keep your eye out incase one returns ;-)

  7. Really Aerin?! Ah that's such a shame, but each to their own - I get some people aren't going to like it :-)

  8. I think you'd love, love, looove the Gimme Brow Cathy ;-)

  9. Cathy Olivieri Schatzberg19 July 2014 at 05:20

    I bought it in the light and its a really nice product and so easy to use,thanks for telling me about it. xoCathy


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