28 July 2014

Speed Brow, Meet Gimme Brow

Sometimes there just aren’t enough minutes in the day to brow fill stroke by stroke, and while we all have steps in our makeup that we practice and perfect, the two framers that perch above my peepers have become mine. I just lurve eyebrows. Benefit have always had me (lightly) covered with a quick slick when needed, but that quick slick amongst the range now has a new contender to deal and in my eyes, there's only one winner, but for the sake of a Speed Brow vs Gimme Brow showdown, let the brow battle commence...

Recent years have been all about the regrowth from when I got pluck-happy as a teen and most lazy makeup days my needs were met with a tinter and tamer all-in-one - cue Speed Brow, a one-shade-suits-all gel setter which can be whipped through worry free. The clue is in its name, with ease-of-speed it sorts things into shape whilst delivering a hint of natural tint. For the low-key days, SB still comes into play when a little defined something is required, but now with a bit more bush, my brow game calls for bigger, bolder and brushed right through, all of which can be found in its sister addition, Gimme Brow. Wand wise, it's teeny tiny (much alike Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara) and tapers into a precision tip for shaping into place and building a brow arch and the comb-on fibre gel formula collects colour onto skin and hair, even in places where brows have never gone before -  Personally? This means elongating the tails that are barely-hair-there when makeup's out of the question. Think of it as mascara, but for your brows without the clumps, flakes and crusty-ness.  Alongside my much loved Anastasia Brow Wiz, this sits tight as my go-to brow bringer - my shade is Light/Medium FYI, but there's another even darker option for you brunettes - and is the one step in my makeup application which (sadly) but seriously excites me when primping and preening.

With not much of a hefty price tag difference between the two, it all comes down to the kinda brow gal that you are, but I'll let you into a little secret - for me? Gimme > Speed. Any day. Well, maybe not so much on those lazier ones...


  1. This is good to know, I have speed brow and never bought Gimme Brow because I didn't think there was enough of a difference but you've changed my mind!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  2. It has a little more something' somethin' to it ;-)

  3. ChristineIversen12 August 2014 at 12:55

    I'm obsessed with Gimme Brow, such a great product :-)

    Christine, x



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