11 July 2014

Makeup Kit Restock List

With my own cosmetics stash in mind, I rarely catch sight of pan on any product, let alone the separate makeup kit I have going on for work. A little of that used here, a bit more of that applied there, everything seems well circulated when I'm working on a good mix of skin tones and colourings and so it's even rarer that reoccurring repurchases are made. There are however, a handful of set essentials that are regularly re-added to my virtual basket when approaching their final days as my kit quite simply wouldn't be complete without them...

MAC's Brush Cleanser - Always sat top is a fresh bottle of my go-to spot clean. This tags along with me on a job for quick-fix spruce ups between colour blends or if I have more than one client pencilled in. A few drops on an muslin cloth, bristles swirled in gives me squeaky clean brush heads pronto - the speediest solution I've come across at that.

Dr Bronner's 18-in-1 Liquid Soap - Spot cleans aside, I reach for a my favourite deep cleaner come the end of a makeup booked day. This stuff suds up a dream - not a sulphate in sight - I dampen the heads, swiggle in the palm of my hand and finish with a rinse or two. I picked up this whopper of a mumma size since previously owning and lurrrving the smaller and opt each time for the Tea Tree version to kill off bacteria and leave my bristles smelling fresh - nothing beats it. Best. Brush. Cleaner. Ever.

DUO Lash Adhesive - Now this isn't a regular, regular repurchase as a little blob goes a long way, (more so now it's a whole 7g more than it used to be) but when this glue goes off, it goes off bad - think a hot watery, gluey mess and so I like to welcome a fresh tube to my stocks every now and then - plus we don't want no risky business being applied to the eyes and all.

Blinc Black Mascara - The one and only makeup product most well used is this number. Waterproof, flake, smudge and run-resistant it's the safest bet for teary-eyed brides but this formula is one with a difference - forming tubes around each individual lash upon contact it lasts long time and come removal, no eye makeup remover is necessary, all it takes is simply the finger and thumb, some warmish water and gentle lash rubbing - they'll slide off in clumps without pulls or tugs. Not so much thickening, nor volumizing, but it adds a whole lot of length, leaves lashes glossy and holds up a curl pretty darn well.

Disposable mascara wands - Speaking of lashings of layers, these throw-away spoolys spare me a new tube of mascara for every client the hygienic way and because they're teeny tiny, it makes wiggling at the roots and catching those shorter strands a breeze. They also come into play for eyebrow grooming paired with Anastasia's Beauty Genius to tame unruly hairs into place. I grab my packs from my local wholesalers, but I've also spotted them here dirt cheap. You're welcome...


  1. Aint' they just?! ;-) Thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks for reading! :-)

  3. Cathy Olivieri Schatzberg13 July 2014 at 05:50

    Hi Jessica,
    I finally figured out how to post here.Its cat mama/Cathy. I love that Dr Bronners soap for cleaning my brushes,will have to try the tea tree. I always buy the unscented baby one but like the idea of it being an antiseptic


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