22 July 2014

Indeed Labs' Hydraluron Latest

Indeed Labs fans, listen up - for they have only gone and added another moisturising member to the Hydraluron family. With their Moisture Boosting Serum being one of the biggest stirs I've heard in the skincare world, followed by the solution-soaked sheet masks, surely it wasn't going to be long before a finishing stage was thrown into the works, non? Well our last-step prep prayers have been answered - here we have it, the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly, completing the hydrating threesome - you know what's headed next, because like it's littler siblings, this is did not disappoint...

First things first - upon initial lid pop-off, the words ''It's a Kate Somerville PUMP'' were gasped. (Bonus points awarded before I'd even had a taster). These push-down, dispense-through-the-centre style packagings deliver the perfect pea-size amount preventing product wastage, plus keep everything nice and air tight, hygienic and you can see how much remains. Now, gel moisturisers aren't my usual thing, I've never found I get as good of a nourishing dose as I do with a cream, but this lightweight, refreshing jelly has summer skincare written all over it as my heavier, more winter-appropriate offerings get pushed to the side. Identical in texture to it's younger serum sister, it sinks right in without tackiness to the touch, leaves things feeling super juicy, shine-free and as I tend to describe any highly hydrating hit, just brings a nice big skin drink for your complexion. Slotting in as my new morning time moisturiser, it's without the SPF but I pair it up with one if I'm heading out into the heat, or slather it on alone if I plan the to stay in - also loverly and cooling after a day in the rays if your skin is feeling a little... pink

As with the rest of the Indeed Labs line, there's a bunch of science-y stuff behind the formula and this time round things feature a 5 proven ingredient combo within the jelly's hyaluronic acid matrix; PatcH20, a micro-network complex that saturates the skin with speedy absorbing ingredients and helps seal in instant moisture for plump, supple, glowy results, Fucogel® helps form a protective surface layer to prevent moisture evaporating, that famous ingredient - Hyaluronic Acid itself, to up levels of hydration and encourage collagen product, Vivillume, a plant derivative that restores skin luminosity and Hydrolite 5, an advanced skin moisturiser which enhances the bioavailability of active ingredients. Phew, you got that? Me neither. But as for the remaining inci list, I see nothing but goodness. Paraben/fragrance/crap free goodness. Again much akin to their Moisture Boosting Serum which they recommend to use in conjunction for even better results.

Currently on a third off deal at £16.66 (RRP £24.99 FYI) I just couldn't pass this up whilst strolling past the Indeed Labs stand, but for only 30ml it works out to be pretty pricey stuff and I can see with it being used daily, twice if you'd like, it won't be lasting long but I'll tell you now a repurchase is already in the pipeline. All that really remains is a nourishing gel cleanse and a hydrating hyaluronic mist - Ooo Indeed Labs, now there's a thought...


  1. Definitely a yes for the hyaluronic mist!

  2. Ah wouldn't that just be SO dreamy?! 😍

  3. Well that settles it, I'm definitely jumping on this bandwagon! I loved the serum and the pump just makes it so more lustworthy!

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  4. Ah Kate, you'll LOVE this if you liked the serum (and you gotta give the masks a go too) ;-)


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