24 July 2014

If You Can't Get Hold of Those, Try These...

Firmly on my state-side shopping list when I took a trip to NYC last summer were the L'Oreal Infallible shadows - if I recall correctly, less than three days after touching down I left CVS, swinging carrier in hand that contained two of these babies. These pressed pigments are indeed stocked on our home drugstore shelves too, but across the pond there's a few more selected shades that aren't part of our range. However, if a trip to the US isn't on your cards anytime soon, frown not because L'Oreal's latest release is a very close match...

Gawd knows why Bronzed Taupe and Amber Rush never made it our way because I deem them the most beautiful shades in the Infallible bunch. Highly pigmented and intense colour in a single finger swipe, Bronzed Taupe is much akin to MAC's Satin Taupe, whereas Amber Rush is a MAC All That Glitters kinda colour. But to save me from rubbing more salt in the wound, new just in and fresh on the stands of L'Oreal are the Colour Riche L'Ombre Pure Mono's, an almost spitting shadow image, just housed in something a little sleeker with less packaging faff and product fallout. Twenty various shades make up the range, all fitting the bill nicely as one-wash-wonders and include a mix of matte, shimmer and embossed metallic lumber finishes.

I went for two nude shimmer shadows in Cafe Saint Germain, a more lilac toned double of the Infallible Bronzed Taupe, and Over The Taupe, an almost copper toned taupe, which when blended out looks a less peachy hue of Infallible's Amber Rush. Easy to pack on (I find fingers or a flat-shadow brush work best) and a breeze to blend out, they're creamy powder to gel in texture meaning the colour pay-off is super intense, the pigments and mixed pearlescents offering a wet metallic look. I pile on a primer underneath as a base for my oily lids and these shadows are set to last long time, no smudging, no fading, no nothing.

Can we deem these a dupe? I think so. Even if by the same brand, so if you've been lusting after those Infallible's A) pinky promise me one thing, when you're next able to make some state-side buys, ensure they're two of them, and B) in the meantime sweep these on your lids and tell me you ain't impressed - at £5.49 a pop, I won't judge if you pick up one in every colour, I know I'm heading back for more...



  1. We can't get those two shades in Australia either, which is such a bummer because they are SO beautiful! These monos seem amazing though, I really hope they land here soon!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. these are a really good dupe! need to get my hands on them xx


  3. Ah I urge you to Molly - they're fab ;-)

  4. If anything, they should have been the two shade to have made it - boo! Keeping my fingers crossed that the Mono's make it your way Tasha ;-)

  5. Cathy Olivieri Schatzberg27 July 2014 at 05:10

    You look amazing,those shadows are lovely too. I hope you and Snuggles are well. Isnet you a PM,that I did receive my package and they are fabulous,so madly in love with those sunglasses. xoCathy

  6. Over The Taupe gives such an amazing finish! Yet another thing I'll be purchasing enabled by Jess ;-)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com


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