4 June 2014

The Dupe for Oribe's Maximista?

Here's the story - scouring the Luxurious Volume lineup by John Frieda (have I mentioned recently just how much this stuff rocks?) on the shelves of Boots, things came to a halt when my finger trailed along a few chosen words on one product which only reminded me all too much of my favourite root oompher - ''hang on  a sec, we could just have ourselves an Oribe Maximista dupe on our hands'' and in the basket it went...

We all love a good dupe discovery and nothing beats an Oribe copy cat - don't get me wrong, as creator of the well-raved Dry Texturizing Spray, this hair brand is one of the best I've hit upon but I wince a little every time their stuff is spritzed, so I'm down for anything that produces the same results, for a fraction of the price that I can get mist happy with on a daily basis - that's where the Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster comes in. Aimed at those with a head of fine hair, it lifts flat, limp and lifeless into natural looking volume, and a whole lot of it. After towel drying my mop, I spritz on a generous amount all over but from a distance (take note: close up can cause greasy) concentrating on the crown and sectioning as I go, before finishing with a final ruffle and turning the blow-dryer on it. Now it doesn't smell half as amazing as Oribe's offerings do and it does leave my locks with a bit more root grit than its competitor but results wise, it does exactly the same job. 

At £5.99 it works out to be around 1/4 of the price - Oribe rings up as £25.00 FYI, with only an extra 75ml to its name. Now there's big hair in a bargain bottle if I ever saw one...


  1. You look gorgeous in that pic Jessica! I have a bottle of Maximista unused in the house somewhere.. I better dig it out before it goes bad! :P

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  2. Thank you so much for the recommendation! I love John Frieda products so I might give this a go - I used to love the Luxurious Volume range before they changed the formula and packaging, haven't tried the new stuff ... x

    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.

  3. I have this JF offering and really love it! It featured in my recent favourites post. I've never tried anything from Oribe but for the price I think I'll have to stick to JF! x


  4. I don't know anyone that doesn't like a good dupe! John Frieda is also relatively easy for me to get a hold of so I definitely need to look into this, thanks for sharing the dupe! :)
    Amber | Lovely Notions

  5. Ah thanks Divya! Dig it out, it won't go unused again - amazing stuff ;-)

  6. Ah I never tried it before they changed the formula, but I think it's awesome - I'm sure you'll love this too :-)

  7. Ah glad you love it too Anna - JF does just as good of a job ;-)

  8. Haha, me neither ;-) Thanks for reading Amber!

  9. John Frieda rocks - they have so many amazing products, cannot get enough :)


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