2 June 2014

My Kind of Moisturiser...

A number one skincare struggle of mine has always been to come across a moisturiser, that works. For yonks I've been slathering on variants of the creamy stuff but until now nothing has truly satisfied my dry/dehydrated, with-the-odd-blemish prone skin. In even drier times, I turned to my saviour-in-any-situation, the Perricone MD master and three pots later, I think I've nourished my way to a very happy face...

The first tub of hydrating goodness I dipped into was the Deep Moisture Therapy. Bright yellow in colour, airy and mousse-like in texture, it's deemed as an 'anti-oxidant powerhouse' which delivers an intense dose of nourishment to leave skin feeling super soft and smooth. This number has stepped in as my evening moisturiser, in the winter especially, its richness gives my parched complexion a nice over-night long drink and works wonders on my dry patches. P.s it pairs up well with the Chia Serum.

A pot of Photo Plasma followed in DMT's footsteps and has nestled in as a day oil-free moisturiser, in sunnier climates. With this one comes broad spectrum and an decent SPF of 30, perfect when going bare-faced in the heat or as a base pre-makeup that has no sun protection included. Texture and looks wise, I can only describe as strawberry Angel Delight, housed in a jar, in skincare form but as with most of Dr P's products, doesn't smell good enough to eat. Don't get me wrong, the scent is nowhere near enough to put me off (just think a generic face cream kinda aroma) - it goes to show there's no added fragrance nasties and is all good stuff. When a high sun protection isn't called for (aka a good chunk of the time in the UK) and the SPF packed in my makeup can meet those needs, or as a not-so-heavy evening cream, I've been reaching for the latest member to my stash, the Face Finishing Moisturizer. Rich in corrective nutrients, it's much more lightweight compared to the latter mentioned, plus it comes with a subtle rosy whiff. The results? A nourished, glowy radiance that sure enough finishes off the last step of your facial routine rather nicely.

Ranging from £57-£71 a pot, they don't ring up cheap - but hey, my face is the most nurtured it's ever been and I'm not going to argue with that...


  1. Ah your Mum has good taste - see if you are able to 'borrow' some ;-)

  2. how does this compare to your kate somerville goat's milk!

  3. Ah I still LOVE good ol' GMC, but it's just so hard (and expensive!) to get sent over here - I find these a lot more moisturising, richer and exactly what my skin needs!


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