13 June 2014

Lord and Berry Lips for Summer

Following the moment this little pout package hit my door mat, it was a mere matter of minutes before the contents, that were Lord & Berry's Lipstick Pencils, were being drawn on. Let's clear things up, these three haven't been released especially for the season, and in fact sit tight as part of the permanent line, but my initial swatch suggested these sticks just have summer brights written all over them...

Dreamy, creamy, these glide on a breeze, so much so you've gotta watch you don't slip and slide outside of your lip line (Mistake already made. Thank gawd for MUJI's Fine Stem Cotton Buds). The formula quite literally melts into your pout, but is far from drying, doesn't awkwardly cling to those flaky bits and stays put for the best part of the day, rarely needing a touchup. And can we talk about the colour? Seriously pigmented stuff. I tend to outline the shape, the bullet being the perfect size for this, and follow up by filling in, but a single swipe delivers straight-up opaque-ness and as for the finish, I'd say they slot comfortably between both matte and glossy. So shade wise, who have we got here? Kicking off from left to right, there's 'Kiss', a pillar box red, 'Plum', a medium magenta purple and 'Orange', a tangerine creme. Unlike your usual twist-up crayons, these numbers will need a jumbo sharpener, which although isn't always so convenient, gives them a bit of a refresh every now and then and saves things from drying up.

Each stick will set you back £10, pretty reasonable I'd say - I have no complaints, no nothing - only the fact that these haven't made their way into my stocks any sooner than now. Praise the Lord. & Berry...


  1. I love all three on you! The rest of the makeup is perfect for any of the three colors! What do you have on your cheeks!?

    Carry Makeup in Style | TheConscienceFund | My Bloglovin'

  2. The fuchsia looks incredible on you - I wish I could rock some bold shades... I don't know why but I feel so uncomfortable wearing them :(

  3. Ah thanks Divya! I believe it was a bit of Burberry's Light Glow Blush in Tangerine and Hourglass' Waterproof Bronzer which I'm using in an upcoming tutorial :-)

  4. Ah thank you! I feel your pain - I'd say start of with a red, it suits everyone and you can't go wrong, then go from there ;-)

  5. thanks a lot - gonna face my fears :)))))

  6. That red is stunning on you! So great for summer.


  7. They're amazing - can't get over the creaminess ;-)

  8. Ah thanks Sylvia - they've got summer written all over 'em ;-)


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