25 June 2014

Concert Bag Essentials

I've shown my face at a fair share of concerts in the past but the 'handbag essentials' thought had never really crossed my mind come these situations - Tickets? Check. Camera? Check. Tickets? Double check - and that was that, until I recently spent most of a 1D gig crouched ill in a ball on the floor, wishing I had planned my quickly-thrown-together capsule, concert appropriate pouch a little better, so to have me prepped for the next and as a little helper for those heading to a summer gig, this lot should have you covered...

Sitting or standing, cutting shapes or wildly waving your arms in the air, I'd opt for a shoulder or across-body bag. I'm just a little bit in love with Whistles' Rivington Chain Clutch - lightweight, sleek and you can cram a heck of a lot in there. Everything bar a water bottle mind, but I keep this to hand for regular sipping. Dehydration = headaches, and headaches suck in any situation, more so at a concert. That leads me onto my next must - paracetamol, no explanation needed. However, the one thing I forgot to chuck in during my morning rush - an error I vow to never make again. Ever. Another head hero is This Works' Stress Less, a lavender-chamomile concoction that when scrawled on tension points calms quick, even if it's just inhaling a good whiff to stray from the smell of peoples sweaty pits - true say. For sensitive ears, foam plugs allow you to still hear what's going on, just not so LOUD - another headache saviour. Believe it or not, my nausea sorter-outer was a standard pack of gum (for me, Extra's Peppermint) - it rid any icky sicky feelings, but mint's well known for its soothing properties and all. There's not a lot worse than sticky neck when you feel over heated and something as simple as a hairband to hand makes all the difference when you can create an acceptable looking pineapple piled up. And then I think Kleenex and Aesop's Rinse-Free Hand Wash speak for themselves, when, *ahem* public loos are involved...

Mini medical kit aside, I lug along two forms of pic/video capturers, and a portable phone charger, in case of losing/breaking/running out of memory/battery on either/or. A phone is great for instant social media uploads, but I recently invested in the Canon Powershot S120awesome FYI and my back up option that in fact captured my vlog. If it's an outdoorsy event, shades are always a good idea, the Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarers are an even better one. Pocket-size at their smallest, they save space and prevent squints. I skip a bulging purse and pack my cards and cash - here's where a holder would come in *adds to list*. Well, that's me sorted for my next mass sing-along, I hope it's helped for your first time/future experiences too - enjoy!


  1. I love the bag, it's such a pretty colour :) Great post x


  2. theshallowvoid25 June 2014 at 16:24

    I love the color of that bag so much. Do they actually let you bring in your own water bottle in London though?

  3. Hey Jessica! your bag is total beaute! I love the color and the hardware too! very summer appropriate! I am surprised there is no makeup in sight! way to go! :-)


  4. Isn't it loverly?! Yes! Every other concert I've been to they've allowed it but remove the cap, but this time they were selling drinks in the stadium and didn't take the caps off, nor did anyone check through bags either so I could have easily taken my own :-)

  5. Ah thanks Divya! Haha, good spot! To be honest things turned into a hot, sweaty mess, there was no space/time/chance for makeup touch ups and I wasn't all too fussed anyway ;-)

  6. looks like the perfect bag for a concert; beautiful yet practical! The stress less thing is such an good idea for masking the smell of sweaty pits haha, sounds gross but I can imagine it makes it a bit more bearable, nothing worse than choking yourself/wasting your fave scent when trying to mask someones bad hygiene!

    Jade x

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  7. That bag is to die for! Hope you had a great time :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  8. Ah isn't it Kate?! Yes, had a great time thank you :-)

  9. Ah it really is! Haha, you're so right Jade - I guess that's just expected in those situations, so having something good-smelling definitely comes in handy ;-)

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