18 June 2014

A Word on Face Wipes...

There's one particular topic that has never arose on the pages of this blog. Two words: Face Wipes. And for good reason, but truth of the matter is, they're okay to whip out on the odd lazy occasion, just don't make them your one and only method of makeup removal. I just love getting down and dirty with a good ol' balm cleanse every night and day too much to turn to anything speedier, but what you don't know is that I do secretly have a pack to hand, these in particular made me grant a second chance to the moist cloth kind and only come into play when the time is right... 

The towelettes in question are Yes to Cucumber's Facial Wipes - I'm not gonna lie, the scent of my first sweep took me back to my 13-year old self where the Boots' own brand were all I knew when it came to cleansing, but the cucumber-y whiff is all these two have in common. Going by my teen memory, this was an experience that was all too scratchy, left my skin feeling tight, dry and with a slight tingle (and not a good kind of tingle) but it was quick, easy and all that my weekly pocket money could shell out on. Yes to's are a different story - made from hypoallergenic, all-natural fabrics and soaked in green superfood juices,     a wipe over removes dirt and makeup traces, instantly refreshes and mildly exfoliates without the sandpapery feeling. Plus the packaging gets bonus points - the nifty clip-down plastic snap keeps things moist, preventing the wipes from drying out.

Here's where they come in - on flights, or anywhere where I'm unable to lug my full skincare routine along to give the basic forehead-cheeks-and-chin makeup removal, or as an once-over after a walk, run or anything that's going to make me tomato faced and sweaty - basically, not very often but when they do make an appearance, it means it doesn't seem like too much of a dirty deed... 


  1. The sort of wipes available here are pretty coarse no metter what it says on the cover.. so I stay away! Will try and pick some from the "better" brands when I get a chance! Nothing can beat their convenience right!?

    TheConscienceFund| Bloglovin'

  2. ive been wanting to try these ones for ages! Might give them a go as I love the fact they have a plastic closer on them! x

    BerrieBlogs {beauty and lifestyle blog}

  3. Totally agree with you on the subject of face wipes. Sometimes a full on cleanse just isn't appropriate or doable, like you I love doing a proper good cleanse on a night with a warm face cloth but there are some times when I just need to get the makeup off quickly and fuss-free... that's where face wipes come in! I always have a pack hiding somewhere for those occasions x

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  4. Ah I don't blame you Divya, but there are some good'uns out there - only for when it's convenient as you say ;-)

  5. Ah that's what I love about them Aerin - that and the amazing cucumber-y scent ;-)

  6. Oh yes! Mine don't make a regular appearance, which makes it even more okay I guess ;-)


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