17 June 2014

A VLOG from Me?

Well there's a title I never thought my fingers would type. Simply so because nothing all too exciting goes on in my life that is interestingly vloggable - but 10 months on and the weekend I've been looking forward to long-time finally rolled around and I thought my crack-the-camera-out opportunity would either be now or never. It involved a pre-event pamper evening, homemade pizza, a spot of shopping and five beautiful faces that go by the names of Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis and Liam. I can only prepare you for the squeals to come once you've hit that play button...

If you click the title at the top left hand side of the video, it'll spring open in a new tab ready for your viewing with all the info and whatnots in the description box below it. Don't forget to give it a big thumbs up if you enjoyed, who knows I may make this a regular thing...


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