22 May 2014

Tools on the Move

Simply half of my luggable near daily contents would be enough to make fellow has-it-all handbag owner Mary Poppins proud - sure, there's a useless ton of rubbish floating about amongst the mass but whether it's myself or a friend, a broken talon or knotted locks, I'm pretty much covered for any beauty related situation. Tucked up in a pouch, I transfer the plane friendly members to accompany me on a flight, pack in my case to make for a lighter load in my luggage - you get the gist - wherever I'm headed, you can find these tools tagging along...

The tool that makes one job particularly easy is the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler. My hair knots like nobody's business, especially out in the wind with a scarf cuddling my neck creating further mats - I would once wince in pain in an attempt to comb them out but this mini version of the original detangler glides on through, no tugs, no breakages, no nothing and its patented finish is protected with a whip-off, clip-on cover, so teeth are sheltered and prevented from bending. 

Leighton Denny have their Crystal Nail File covered, literally, for a mani on the move. Encased in an aluminium holder, the glass talon tidier is forever reusable, never blunts and leads to less nail breakages by fully sealing the tip. Same goes for the Stylfile Emergency File, a travel-friendly form of its full size sister. With one side rough, the other to buff, it's housed in a spiral shield to safeguard it from getting scratched or scratching the bits in your bag, plus it can clip on your keyring. For erasing lacquer mishaps or to start a fresh, the Rocco Polish Remover Tissues come in handy - sealed in individual sachets, the acetone-free soaked cloths are infused with vitamin E and rose hip oil to moisturise at the same time as removal, are just the right nail size and save you lugging about a bottle. That leads me onto the Travalo, a genius portable perfume dispenser which means you can leave your full-size spritz at home - pull of the spray part, pop it on top and pump down to fill up. Purchasable in a range of funky shades, they allow for 50+ mists and the little window showing just how much remains.

I can't bare to be without a pair of Tweezerman's whenever or wherever for plucking unwanted stragglers - cue the Mini Slant Tweezer, they grab even the shortest, most stubborn of strands. Sidenote: tucked in a protective tube, you can transport them everywhere, just not your in-flight hand luggage. Brush wise, the best all-in-one for foundation, concealer, powder, blusher, bronzer, the lot is Hourglass' Double-Ended Complexion Brush. Metal caps cover both ends, one a retractable option for face bases, the other more dense for fuller coverage. My travel brush pouch consists of only this and a few fluffy eye tools, no more required..


  1. Fab picks!

    I have the same TT and I LURRRVEEE it

    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

  2. I really need to get my hands on a new pair of tweezers, I will ahve to give these a try! I have the full size version of the tangle teezer but I've never seen that mini version before - how handy! Thanks for the post Jess



  3. Ah isn't it great?! I can't use another brush now ;-)

  4. They're amazing, right?! Makes hair brushing less of a chore ;-)

  5. The Tweezermans are AWESOME - they pluck even the shortest hairs! Ah the travel TT is great to chuck in your bag! Thanks Ellie :-)

  6. Such a perfect post to come across two weeks before my holidays! I definitely need a Travalo in my life, noone likes lugging around big glass bottles of perfume x

    lillies and lipbalm


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