29 May 2014

The Empties Return...

A show and tell featuring my beauty product rubbish hasn't surfaced amongst the uploads on my YouTube channel for what must be a good year - Truth is, I'd got back into that bad beauty addict habit of starting new products before using others up, resulting in an overflowing stash. As a natural hoarder, I absent mindedly kept my bottles next to bite the dust and happened to give the topic a mention in my April favourites which lead to the comment section becoming sea of 'Yes to empties!' replies - you asked for it...

Hit the title in the top left hand corner of the clip, it'll pop open a new tab where you can find the extras, links and whatnots typed up in the description box below the video - enjoy! 

P.s You may want to grab a cuppa, it's twenty minutes long. 



  1. Now I need this REN toner, gonna finish my Clarins one and buy this one:) thanks!

  2. Thanks for watching Aerin! :-)

  3. Ah you'll love it - it's fab stuff :-)


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