20 May 2014

My Spring Wardrobe

No need to double-take in regards to the title of this post, you read it right. Yep my first foray into something fashion-y has emerged in video form and the fact that it's a mere three minutes long might be for the best, but I'll let you be the judge of that one. Weather wise, the past few days would suggest spring has well and truly sprung, but whether it'll stay is anyones guess (hence the inclusion of back up boots and jumpers) but those aside, the clip is made up of my current key pieces and if it goes down a treat, I might even cobble together a summer edition. Ooo, teaser...

Tap the title at the top left hand corner of the video and it'll pop up in a brand new tab - there you'll find all the info, links and whatnots typed up in the description bar below. Some items I haven't been able to track down links to, so I've had a surf about and linked up some similar alternatives - enjoy!



  1. Haha, that cute face when you're throwing your blazer off <3 Jeans with cuts at the knees seem to be really popular lately! Your wedge boots are cute too - just wish I wasn't such a klutz in heels.

    xx becky / star-violet.com

  2. Haha! Ah ripped knee jeans seem to be everywhere, I LOVE 'em! You're not the only one Becky ;-)

  3. MK does some pretty awesome bags ;-)


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