8 May 2014

A Week in Skin Food: #6

The time has come for the next post in skin food - edited down to the top six eats of the last week; a breakfast, snack, lunch, drinks/desserts, and a dinner, either homemade or out and about. Heads up: I’m no nutritionist but I'm a big believer in 'clean eating' principles and feel these fit the bill for ''you are what you eat''. Heads up again: I'm a pestacarian me, so I'm afraid everything you see is strictly meat free... 

Breakfast. I promised this recipe from Pancake Day way back, but it's become a regular on my morning menu. Wheat, sugar, dairy and gluten free, these are tastier than the real things and it only takes two ingredients - eggs and bananas. I crack the eggs into a bowl, remove two yolks, whisk up and mash in the bananas, then grease a pan with coconut oil and get flippin'. My go-to topping of choice is normally a handful of frozen berries and a dollop of greek yoghurt, with an almond milk latte on the side.

Snack. Dried fruit has never been something to tickle my taste buds, but I grabbed a bag of the dried strawberries from Urban Fruit, something I haven't come across before and man are they tasty. Hand picked, gently baked with no added sugar, they make eating fruit less of a chore and come in a whole load of fruity varieties.

Lunch. A midday date at Pizza Express is never going to end up a low fat, low calorie affair (I'm not gonna lie, the Romana Padana is my usual order) but luckily this day I'd had a stonking great breaky and didn't feel I could stomach much. I'm not the kinda gal to go to a restaurant and chomp down lettuce leaf, but for once I opted for the Leggera Superfood Salad from their Healthy Choices menu made up of baby spinach and mixed leaf base, roasted butternut squash, beetroot, light baby mozzarella, avocado, pine nuts, cucumber, lentils and fresh basil finished drizzled with balsamic. Nutritious and delicious.

Drink. If you're wondering what this neon concoction is, it's carrot juice - hear me out - nothing but a blended up liquid of the orange things, sounds gross, actually tastes pretty good. Vitamin and mineral packed, it comes with a load of health benefits - I'm going to have a go at whizzing one up from home and may even throw in a handful of coriander too.

Dinner. I've been taking advice from Madeleine Shaw and had a go at rustling up her Cauliflower Pizza and grilled up some sweet potato fries as a side. The results were a soggy mess - I think it'll take some more practicing on my part and I can't say it beats my local Domino's but it's a much healthier option. 

Drink. My favourite thing about being abroad is raiding the supermarket shelves for something a little different - one of my most loved drinks, which as far as I know, we can't get in the UK (at least not this good), is pure old pomegranate juice. On average a glass can contain 50% of your daily Vitamin C dose but as with all juice, opt for the 'no added sugar' offerings and instead more of the good stuff.


  1. Not gonna lie, I was a little skeptical at the thought - but it is SO good ;-)


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