29 May 2014

The Empties Return...

A show and tell featuring my beauty product rubbish hasn't surfaced amongst the uploads on my YouTube channel for what must be a good year - Truth is, I'd got back into that bad beauty addict habit of starting new products before using others up, resulting in an overflowing stash. As a natural hoarder, I absent mindedly kept my bottles next to bite the dust and happened to give the topic a mention in my April favourites which lead to the comment section becoming sea of 'Yes to empties!' replies - you asked for it...

26 May 2014

Gold Details

Since my debut style video was the latest to go live, I figured now would be a good time to follow up with my current favourite jewellery picks. In all honesty, I've never been one to kit myself out in the bling but also think that all good nail polish looks better with a side order of rings, right? Back in the day, silver was my thing but now it's all about the gold - my finger jewel stash has stacked up and they usually all make an appearance all together give or take, mixed and matched but for most of the time, it goes a little something like this...

22 May 2014

Tools on the Move

Simply half of my luggable near daily contents would be enough to make fellow has-it-all handbag owner Mary Poppins proud - sure, there's a useless ton of rubbish floating about amongst the mass but whether it's myself or a friend, a broken talon or knotted locks, I'm pretty much covered for any beauty related situation. Tucked up in a pouch, I transfer the plane friendly members to accompany me on a flight, pack in my case to make for a lighter load in my luggage - you get the gist - wherever I'm headed, you can find these tools tagging along...

20 May 2014

My Spring Wardrobe

No need to double-take in regards to the title of this post, you read it right. Yep my first foray into something fashion-y has emerged in video form and the fact that it's a mere three minutes long might be for the best, but I'll let you be the judge of that one. Weather wise, the past few days would suggest spring has well and truly sprung, but whether it'll stay is anyones guess (hence the inclusion of back up boots and jumpers) but those aside, the clip is made up of my current key pieces and if it goes down a treat, I might even cobble together a summer edition. Ooo, teaser...

9 May 2014

In My Travel Shower

Restricting my skincare wardrobe just isn't an option when it comes to packing products pre-jetting off, but with the majority of other toiletries I can just about manage a more streamlined, stripped-back approach. Almost. From a basic mop wash to a full-on head-to-toe in-shower pamper, this lot has me covered and I like to think of it as my home-away-from-home bathroom cabinet...

April Favourites

One glance at my April beauty round-up would suggest that we've swiftly arrived into spring (even if the weather doesn't say so) - not only is the packaging for these products colourful, clean and crisp, many of them are seasonally appropriate, including the moisturiser that's basically a holiday for your face, in a tube, a super sweet and fruity fragrance and a non-stripping gel like cleanser which pumps out a beautiful shade of pink. SOLD.

8 May 2014

A Week in Skin Food: #6

The time has come for the next post in skin food - edited down to the top six eats of the last week; a breakfast, snack, lunch, drinks/desserts, and a dinner, either homemade or out and about. Heads up: I’m no nutritionist but I'm a big believer in 'clean eating' principles and feel these fit the bill for ''you are what you eat''. Heads up again: I'm a pestacarian me, so I'm afraid everything you see is strictly meat free... 

The MUJI Drawers: Spring Edition

Since I've welcomed and rearranged a few more stacks to my MUJI stash, it only felt right to go in for the full-on spring clean whilst I was at it. My three-drawer box now sits at the base and houses my lip product lot, sandwiched in between are two duo drawers and on top rests the same container but with a nifty lifting lid. Note to self: Do not place Diptyque candles on top and attempt to pull away the top tray essentially creating a slippery acrylic slope; cue near candle waxy mess. For now, I've set this aside and loaded it up with my go-to makeup picks for spring, here's what we've got...

7 May 2014

Post-Flight Makeup

When it comes to planes, I'm well travelled - and well used to having all signs of life sucked out of my complexion because of it. You've seen my post-flight saviours; skincare, vitamins and everything else I reach for in the moments following a flight but what about the makeup you gotta rely on in times like these? Well this little lineup has me covered be it an early morning landing, for plans to head out right after touch down or to get through the dreary skin days to come...

5 May 2014

The Ultimate Portable Perfume

Scents that you can lug about on the long haul - probably one of the most genius thought-up beauty innovations to date. Available in all shapes, sizes, formulas and refillable travalos, it simply means there's no need to further weigh down your already-bursting-to-the-brim-with-junk handbag. I could drool day-long at the Sephora rollerball scent stands but housed in a delicate glass tubes, they're just a shattered, puddle of perfume waiting to happen if you're as clumsy as yours truly. The best one yet comes from Le Soft Perfume in a solid stick form and I promise it's not only the chic, patterned packaging that's got me...

4 May 2014

Five Beauty Highlights: Week #9

This past week via Instagram: @jessicabeautician

2 May 2014

Even More Multi-taskers...

If I can squeeze one (or five) different uses out of one beautifier, I'm damn well gonna - you know what that means? Yep, it's only another round of multipurpose products. The third one to be exact, yet the mutlitaskers keep on coming. From a kitchen cupboard cooking oil which can basically be a head-to-toe pamper routine in itself to a cream that can be used on the body as well as the face to a foundation/tinted moisturiser/concealer hybrid - they're all there...

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