27 April 2014

Slipped-Through-The-Net Launches

With the amount of hours I waste procrastinating online, mainly scouring for what's new in the beauty world, you'd think it'd be quite rare that a recent release becomes undetected on my makeup radar - or so I thought. It could just be that some slip through the net when my back's turned, but a couple of Google searches would suggest that they never seemed to have a lot of hype around them in the first place.  I'll bet there's a whole load that have laid low but off the top of my head, there are three that come to mind and if like me, these snuck past you too, then here's what they're all about... 

Although a top-rated best-seller, Perricone MD's No Foundation Foundation still appeared to have one downfall upon application - said to be a one-shade-suits-all, the paler bunch amongst us claimed the original still to be on the dark side of things even though it blends out to be a barely-there base (hence the name). Dr Perricone took note and No Foundation Foundation Fair was born, but it seemed to sneak its way into the range without a sound. Not a peep. I hadn't owned the initial for said reasons, but this lighter hue suits my typical English rose skin tone spot on.

A new addition to Anastasia's line is never one to go unnoticed under my watchful eye, so quite how the launch of Beauty Genius just so happened to, left me stroking my womanly beard in  confusion. During a daily Cult Beauty stalking stint, I suddenly, virtually stumbled across this number now as an individual, once only part of the 3-product Brow Genius set. A slick of this clear gel over your pencilled or powdered-in brows, shadow or lipstick instantly waterproofs non-waterproof formulas, transforming them into smudge resistant versions of themselves - read the full works here

Same goes for the latest launch from By Terry. The French Riviera collection had nestled in nicely amongst the rest on SpaceNK, but consisting of innovative, watercolour syrup formulas, I'd have thought this one would have gathered a bit more of a hyped build up. The coraly orange Beach Game Tint to Lip shade reminded me all too much of summer 2o12's Dancefloor Dirt Aqua Jelly Tint, but shaken up, the glimmers take over the tube resulting in a hot shimmering application mess. I'm still sat on the fence with this one - left upright allowing the metallic prisms to shimmy their way to the bottom, the transparent part of liquid the delivers a hint of peachy tint to my pout but applied post-activated appears a little too frosty for my liking - the Tea to Tan however, I'm liking the sound of...


  1. That foundation sounds very lustable! :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  2. i heard about the original foundation a while ago but never got it because of how dark it was, i think i might just have to get the fair version now! xx


  3. I've heard great things about the Perricone No Foundation, Foundation, and the description and promises align perfectly with my makeup mantra: barely there and minimal. I think there's a new addition to my wishlist.

    xo Lillian from Parisian To Be

  4. It's amazing stuff :-)

  5. Ah me too - the Fair version is a much better match for us pale skin gals :-)

  6. It's exactly that Lillian - pretty fab stuff! Definitely add it to the list ;-)

  7. Thanks Zazie :-)

  8. These sound great! Love the sound of the waterproofing gel! Does it keep brows in place as well and keeping them smudge proof? xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  9. The By Terry tint looks so nice! Not sure about the shimmer though...it seems odd for a product like that.


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