21 March 2014

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil

After months of being nudged in the direction of coconut oil, I finally picked up a pot and I've been asking myself one question only since: where have you been all my life? With high levels of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory Lauric Acid and anti-oxidant properties, it really is just cold-pressed, unrefined, 100% organic, extra virgin heaven in a tub. Sidenote: The 'refined' stuff has additives and is put through processes that remove some of the natural compounds that make it so healthy, so unrefined is your best bet - it is pretty funky looking though, I first thought something was up with mine but that's just the way it is. Now cooking uses aside, it boasts a whole load of beauty benefits. Here goes...

Makeup remover. Massaged onto made-up eyelids come the end of the day gently breaks down tough to budge mascara - a much cleaner option compared to chemical concoctions as it helps strengthen lashes. Follow up with a cotton pad or hot cloth sweep and all will be removed. Same thing goes when used as an all-over facial cleanser.

Deep moisturiser. Whether it's a thick slick layer like a face mask left on for 10 minutes before being wiped away, or a thinner application slept in overnight as a moisturiser, the coconut oil's compounds lock hydration into the skin leaving things nicely nourished. 

Hair hydrator. The fatty acids in a teeny tiny amount slicked through the ends pre-shampoo for a mid-length-to-tip moisture mask work wonders for damage and dryness, encourages healthy hair growth and is an efficient anti-dandruff remedy. The results? Super soft, tangle-free, nourished locks. Even a touch on a fresh blow-dry to tame unruly strands makes for an awesome frizz fighter.

All-natural deodorant. Though it is anti-bacterial, it isn't an anti-persperant and won't prevent those wet-pit patches on your grey t-shirt, but it will ward off sweaty whiffs (yack!) leaving your underarm area smelling sweeeeet. If it doesn't quite give the desired results, have a go at this DIY deod recipe.

Aftersun saviour. If you've ended up after a day in the rays with some pink-looking limbs, slap on a hefty helping and the remedying properties will calm, soothe and tone down that lobster-like hue.

Shaving lotion. Sensitive-to-standard-shaving-cream gals, this one's for you. Slathered on the skin allows for a smooth shave with a wet razor whilst keeping the skin moisturised at the same time, but bare in mind things can get a little slippy and slidey. Proceed with caution...

Eczema soother. Sufferers of this skin disorder, psoriasis and all, will agree what a pain it is to rid, but your cure could be cooped up in your kitchen cupboard. Healing and repairing, a daily dose will wave goodbye to unwanted flaky bits. 

Dry feet treatment. Come summer or winter, this is one of the only solutions I've found to result in some seriously silky heels. I get to work with a foot file, pile this on and slip on some socks so it can soak right in. Bring on those sandals.

The best bit? It's cheap as chips. I go for a jar of Fushi's offering from FeelUnique and as a little spreads a long way, it's going to last you long-time. With the above uses listed, I think that pretty much covers it. And the even better bit, did I mention it smells like Bounty bars?...


  1. I'm always afraid that it clogs up the skin, so that it will cause pimples

  2. I love coconut oil, both for cooking and beauty. I use it everyday for eye makeup removal and it's an absolute dream. And it tastes amazing in cooking, too.

    xo Lillian from Parisian To Be

  3. I know people that use this as mouthwash. haha It's called oil pulling, I think? Shailene Woodley does it. It's supposed to dissolve plaque better because plaque is fat soluble. I might have to give it a go....
    <333 Great post as usual!

  4. I had no idea that coconut oil had this many benefits! I always thought you could use it for a few things xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  5. Some people find it is too much for their skin and can cause breakouts. It's worth a go for the price and even if it doesn't agree with your skin, you'll get a whole load of other uses from it ;-)

  6. Agreed! A fab all-round oil :-)

  7. Ah I've heard this too Madeleine, I'm gonna have to give this ago - there's no doubt the taste is amazing :-)

  8. I'm sure there's a whole load more than this too, it's never ending ;-)

  9. I use coconut butter to moisturize my feet after my DIY pedi, and I use coconut oil for hot oil hair treatments!

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