31 March 2014

The Makeup Bag Spring Clean

'Tis prime time for a regime spring clean and before I get to work on the current makeup mess that has taken over my MUJI stack, I'm dipping my toes in at the shallow end by sorting out the lot in my on-the-go kit that I usually lug about. I like to think I start off on the right foot with a somewhat organised array but before I know it, my makeup pouch has magically built up quite the collection of cosmetic clutter and it's got to a point where I find myself  blushing - and not in a good way - when my friends have a nosey poke about when it's pulled out. Let's crack on...

To initiate a spring clean, tools have got to be tended to - when brush laundry Sunday rolls around, I'll grab those on my dressing table but often miss out the cluster caught up in my clutch *slaps wrist*. In comes a bottle of Dr Bronner to do the detoxing deed by ousting even the most deep rooted makeup with its runny but sudsy formula. Note to self: keep the soap close and those extra odd brushes in your makeup bag even closer. Then out with the old and most-probably-well-past-their-expiry-dates, and a tube of DR Jart's Waterfuse BB Creme was looking quite crumpled, cruddy with little life left inside it but I've been determined to dispense every last dollop. MAC's Studio Finish Concealer looked in the same sorry state with its only remnants smushed to the edges of the pot and my guess is that Clinique's High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara has been rolling about in there for what seems like a good 8 months (Oops) - same goes for a tube of their Bottom Lash Mascara and all, into the bin with the lot of ya. Taking up the bulk of the bag was a plethora of lipsticks that got lobbed in on a weekly basis never to be seen again, and filling in the gaps, a bundle of cotton buds both unused and used (mostly used) - and I'm supposedly a Virgo?

Enter my recently revamped and streamlined line up, stripped-back to five products, one brush - Hourglass' Double-ended Complexion offering is in there as a multitasking, all-over face and concealer blender leaving me with no excuse for new additions. My base replacement comes from Bourjois with their 123 Perfect CC Creme, a colour correcting, complexion perfecting glow giver and just in case, Kevin Aucoin's Sensual Skin Enhancer has any extra coverage needs sorted. Mascara wise, I've welcomed a fresh tube of Makeup Forever Smoky Lashes and a scribble in my diary for 6 months time will remind me to bin it then bring in another. Hydrating and protecting my pout with SPF 15 is Rodial's Glam Balm housed in a easy squeezy tube with a subtle rose-like scent, then YSL's Rouge Volupte Shine in Corail Intuitive is on hand to provide a splash of spring-esque colour when required. Spring clean part one done and dusted, only the even bigger task is keeping it this way...


  1. I need to do this! Your photography is so nice! xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  2. I really want to try the bourjois CC Cream for summer! Still lusting after a YSL Lipstick but my bank account won't allow it :( boo!

    Kate xo / www.beautybabbles.com

  3. Ah you should, it's fab stuff! Boo... I know that feeling all too well Kate ;-)

  4. Thanks so much Aerin :-) x


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