4 March 2014

The Best Asian Beauty Buys

Now before you race to my Twitter feed for live travel updates, I'm afraid haven't snuck off on holiday halfway across the world. Instead, my good gal pal Diane all the way over in Singapore kindly asked if there were any Asian cosmetic goodies I'd be keen on sampling - ''Sheet masks, sheet masks and more sheet masks please'' was my response - the girl knows her stuff, so I trust that she'd choose what's best, and as loverrrly as she is, my package also came padded out with an array of other Asian beauty bits. What a babe...

Asia is a hub for face shaped masks of the sheet sort, the things are all the rage over there. The solution infused packs, along with relevant eye, nose and mouth cut-outs are formulated for a long old list of concerns, mainly for skins in need of a hydration hit - by trapping in the ingredients, they seal in the moisture giving the skin a good drink. Things can get a little messy until the cloths are manoeuvred into place as they come super soggy, but after around 10-15 minutes of resembling Hannibal Lecter, they dry out slightly, can be peeled off and the remainders rubbed in. 

Bare in mind this was before I'd got my mitts on the Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Masks, so sporting one of these was quite a novelty. I had the pick of four packs; Two Naisture offerings, one a Ginseng infusion which aims to moisturise and tighten, and the other White Rose, for complexions in need of a brighten. From Skinlite, she threw in the Royal Jelly Essence and Hydrating Herb Mask, as well as two yoghurt textured numbers, Strawberry and Hydrating Cucumber - all nicely nourishing, just as I'd expected.

Makeup wise, a fave of Diane's is the KATE Quick Eyeliner in Brown - the felt tip nib type which she said she thought I'd love. She knows me well. It draws on in a sweep, the point makes perfecting precise cat flicks a breeze and the ink lasts long time on your lash line. She also popped in a tube of Lip Plumper, takes me right back to my teens, does this. Minutes after a quick slick, a slight tingle follows and after an all-angle mirror inspection, I can safely say my pout had become pleasingly plump. She appreciates I'm a peachy blush wearer, so she picked out ZA's powder blush in Apricot Pink which adds a nice wash of said shade to my cheeks - not too sheeny, not too shimmery, just a good amount of pigment plus staying power.

I was spoilt on the mascara front, one from the same brand as the previously mentioned blush. The ZA Perfect Action Mascara is a waterproof number which lasts well, but removes easily and adds a whole lot of volume and thickness. Lastly, from their 'high end' brand Shiseido, the Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara. I'm yet to sweep this on my lashes, but I hear nothing but good things about this brand and its fibre focused mascaras. 

Huuuge thanks again to Diane - TOO kind. I'm happy to report I've been sheet masking and makeup swatching ever since. Believe it or not, it doesn't stop there as she tucked in more two more of my favourite makeup items, more on that to come...


  1. I'm sure you'll enjoy the Majolica Majorca mascara, it's a cult product in the Asian beauty product world. Sheet masks, besides making you look ghostly/absolutely crazy for 20 minutes, make for a relaxing experience. And you have a lovely moisturised face at the end of it :)

  2. I've heard so much about the MM mascara! I look forward to hearing your thoughts xx


  3. Its so refreshing to see products from home! I live in singapore and to see these as apposed to things you cant get here is nice :)!

    Berrie-Blogs | Beauty Blog x

  4. I love fiber mascaras If you like the blinc one, you'll adore the Trish McEvoy ones (I like both the curling and volume versions). They're perfection. I think you can pick them up at liberty, too, next time you're feeling spendy haha. Can't wait to see what you think of this one, too, though! <33

  5. Ah that's good to know! Haha - agreed! They've become quite the obsession ;-)

  6. Ah amazing! It's always nice trying something new, especially from other countries :-)

  7. Oh Lawd. Don't tell me that - it will definitely have to be when I'm next feeling spendy, haha ;-) Will keep you updated!

  8. Lets Talk Beauty4 March 2014 at 18:59

    I am always curious about Asian makeup/skincare. I want to try a few bits. The KATE Quick Eyeliner sounds like a product I would love


  9. I love how big into their beauty they are - always nice to try something new, especially from somewhere completely different :-)

  10. Me too! Can't wait to give it a try - will update you ;-) x

  11. I really want to try some sheet masks! I always look to the French and US for beauty products, forgetting about the Asian offerings!
    Rebecca-Louise | Autumn Leaves - UK Beauty Blog


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