6 March 2014

Follow JessicaBeautician On-The-Go

Hands up if you're a deep-in-social-media head-burier when out and about? (my hand is firmly in the air BTW). Then I've got good news for you - it's taken way too long, but yesterday I had a go at altering 'Jessica Beautician' into on-the-go friendly version for all your techy devices. No more eye squints or zooming in, alright maybe a little zooming in, but it's definitely a less chaotic, more readable layout to keep on top of my posts. And whilst we're on the topic, I thought I'd give you an idea on where to find me via a whole load of other platform apps, if not already loaded, when you're parted from your desktop...

Youtube: To view my weekly (sorta) Wednesday videos away from the comfort of your sofa, tea and laptop screen, firstly download the YouTube app and secondly subscribe to my channel here if you already haven't. Thirdly, you might want to keep a pair of headphones packed at all times - I'm sure your fellow train passengers won't want to listen to any of my beauty related babbles. 

Bloglovin': The go-to on-the-go app for keeping updated with my posts on your portable tech comes from Bloglovin'. If you're not yet a follower, search 'Jessica Beautician' or hit the link on the right hand side of my blog and up I'll pop.

Twitter: @jessbeautician | For beauty related tweets, a stream of links and pics that aren't quite Insta-worthy, my Twitter timeline is where it's at for some sneaky under-the-desk scrolling at work.

Instagram: @jessicabeautician | I'm always topping up my photo diary with plate-sized pizza pictures, latest beauty launches, and all the other snaps you won't see featured in my Five Beauty Highlights weekly roundup - head on over to my Instagram profile for more where that came from.

Facebook: Behind the blogging scenes, further post updates and any other extras are found over on my Facebook page - give the 'Like' button there a hit if you fancy me making a regular appearance in your newsfeed whether your here, there or everywhere...

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