8 March 2014

Five Beauty Highlights: Week #8

This past week via Instagram: @jessicabeautician

MUJI, let's do this. After spending a week in a paper bag on my bedroom floor, I finally got round to having a bit of a makeup move around starting with a pile up of acrylic drawers. The majority of my cosmetics is now housed right before my eyes and I'm able to change switch, swap, chop and change as I please. And I'm very pleased.

Diptyque candle jar resurrected. If you haven't already, then feast your peepers on my Diptyque DIY. Give it a Google and you're sure to come across multiple ways, but I thought I'd throw in my two pence worth regarding the whole candle jar resurrection. Plus, there's a few ideas in the mix on what you can use your pot for post-burn out.

Love at first swipe. After sitting on my hands (and credit card) for 7 days give or take, I finally caved to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush hype, only to be slapped in the face with an 'Out of Stock' message on the Space NK site. After nonstop page refreshes, they made a comeback and Radiant Magenta swiftly made its way in the direction of my stash. I deem it the most beautiful blush I ever did sweep on my cheeks, needless to say it's been brushed on every day since...

Happy (healthy) Pancake Day. Much more of a foodie related report as opposed to beauty,  but seeing as Tuesday was my second favourite day of celebration after Christmas, I just couldn't give this one a miss. I whipped up a gluten and wheat free stack made with nothing but all natural ingredients - stay tuned for my next upcoming 'Skin Food' post. Pancakes that are actually good for you? Get in ma belly.

Sheet mask selfie. Apologies in advance for any nightmares this may cause, but sheet masks have become somewhat of a skincare obsession (and not just because I've been able to scare the absolute bejesus out of everyone). I've been making my way through the Asian sheet mask pile that I mentioned in this post, donning a solution soaked cloth at least once a week - The results? Super nourished skin.

A date for your diary: I hear through the beauty grapevines (Caroline's blog to be exact) that Indeed Labs, home of super serum Hydraluron and more recently the Moisture Boosting Sheet masks (those again) are set to launch a facial exfoliator later this month. The product comes in powder form and can be paired up with your cleanser or mixed with water alone for a bit of a skin cell sloughing boost. There's a ton of natural ingredients, including the ingredient of the moment that is Hyaluronic Acid, is said to be gentle enough for all skin types, including the most sensitive and has just shot straight to the top of my wish list...


  1. I need to get more muji! I need some for my everyday makeup so bad!

    Berrie-Blogs | Beauty Blog x

  2. I don't think you can EVER have enough MUJI, haha ;-)

  3. Muji is meant to be opening in Sydney later this year, I can't wait to check it out! I am still undecided on whether I should pick up any of the Hourglass blushes but your review makes them very tempting!

    Laura | Breton & Blush

  4. Ah how exciting, I hope it does make its way over there! You must, I'm beginning to wonder why I didn't cave sooner - the best blush I own now by far ;-)


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