2 March 2014

Beauty Supplements, Seeds & Vitamins

I'm a biggie for supplements, down the hatch with them - they fill in the gaps for all the essential things we might be missing out on and generally come with a plethora of health benefits. Now I'm no nutritionalist, but being a pescetarian (a veggie who still eats some fish and seafood) I feel I have to target my supplement needs to my body, I dip in and out of them all the time, but these are the main wonder workers and are what I find currently work for me. Here goes...

For tablet swallowing scaredy-cats *raises hand* there's the liquid-like supplement forms. Fountain's offerings are what I've been gulping - let's start with The Beauty Molecule, an all round beauty boost. This pomegranate tasting anti-oxidant elixir contains resvertatrol, an ingredient usually found in red wine and Japanese knotweed which is said to halt the ageing process by encouraging cell renewal. It's sister supplement, The Hyaluronic Molecule is a ginger flavoured gel that comes as the first form of ingestible hyaluronic acid - working from the inside out, it acts as an internal tissue hydrator to cushion joints as well as dry, dehydrated and generally blurgh skin. It's one of those 'is-it-all-in-yer-head?' kind of things, but I seriously think they're doing something right - I take one tsp of both daily, though occasionally two with the gel as recommended.

A teaspoon of Fushi's Virgin Organic Coconut Oil goes into my smoothie too, I cook pretty much everything in it and heck, I even smother the stuff on my face. Rich in nutrients and fatty acids, it's said to be the healthiest of all oils and is a great energy source. Plus it smells like Bounty bars, I'm not complaining...

Perricone MD's Omega 3's are the crème de la crème of cod liver supplements - except these are derived from Alaskan Wild Sockeye salmon, one of the purest fish sources high in omega 3's and antioxidants. If we're getting serious, there's 3000mg of fish oil and 600mg of omega fatty acids (3 x as many as your average cod liver oil FYI). The benefits? Support in healthy weight loss, elevated mood, reduced risk of coronary heart disease, hydrated skin and and a clearer complexion. They come in easy-to-wash-down gel capsules and I ingest one a day with before my main evening meal - best of all, there's no fishy after taste, yack! My skin is a heck of a lot clearer, breakouts are kept at bay and I generally feel goo-oood. Win, win. P.s if you're a veggie, flax oil is the option for you.

Chia seeds, aka little bundles of energy, contain a hefty dose of omega 3, fibre and protein and are low in carbs. I grab the mahoosive bags from Naturya and sprinkle them on pretty much everything going; soups, salads, smoothies, you name it - they're taste-free but just come with a bit of a crunch, you hardly know they're there. From the same brand, I take wheatgrass powder which, organically grown outdoors is certified organic, rich in chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals. Mix with water or juice (don't recommend), chuck in a smoothie (my preferred way) or include in a salad dressing - it has a slight plant-y taste so blended in with my berry breakfast drink disguises things quite well.

Multi-vits are a big no-go for me, I just think they're a bit of a cop out and don't actually do a lot. Vitamin D however, is something I'll quite happily 'pop' on a daily basis - our bodies convert it from sunlight, and as much as the sun can be bad for you, in moderation it can be beneficial. It contributes to the maintenance of teeth and bones, not to mention hair, skin and nails, and as sunshine in the UK is pretty much non-existent, the next source of the stuff is in supplement form.

Phew. Overwhelming stuff, I know, I know - especially with so much stock on the shelves of your local health shop - but whatever you feel you're lacking, supplement it, though for anyone I'd say go with some vitamin D and fish oil. Your future 102-year-old self will thank you later...

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