10 February 2014

Sarah Chapman Daily Essentials

You know how I feel about all things sample sized, and what better way to get a taste of a brand than a fortnights worth edit of their key products? This time it's all about Sarah Chapman and her Daily Essentials Collection - contents include four of her best beauty bits,  three of those award winners, plus a removal mitt all tucked up in a faux leather taupe pouch. After giving it a good road test on my travels, here's its final verdict; the 'needed', the 'not so needed' and the 'now on the 'to-try' list'...

The hit list. Two products from the pack were complete standouts and you can bet your bottom fiver they've been added to my virtual Space NK shopping bag. It comes as no shocker as to why both are SC's best sellers:

Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse is a oil based balm cleanser in pump form, suited for all skins. A single serving makes for a swift makeup removal, melting tough to budge mascara and all. Results are smoo-oooth - skin is left soft, deep cleansed and brightened, that's put down to the potent combo of what goes into it; omega rich baobab and borage oils, vitamins A and E and precious white lily. Scent wise, think spa-like - there's an blend of camphor, neroli, chamomile, jasmine and rose. Dreamy. Oh, and that Cleansing Mitt that's thrown in is pretty fab too, hence why it made my cleansing cloth edit.

Skinesis Overnight Facial is exactly that, a vitamin packed facial that works its wonders while you snooze. Basically, it's a healthy, dewy glow in a bottle - a mix of collagen building nutrients, brighteners and antioxidants, all contributing to the plumped up, rejuvenated radiance you wake up to. One to reach for on your bedside when a good nights kip has got to you before your full evening skincare routine ever could.

The miss list. Now don't get me wrong, as the two other offerings get a thumbs up from yours truly, but I just don't deem them instant run-out-and-repurchases or staples for my current skincare stash...

Age-Repair Serum combats lines, wrinkles, uneven dark pigmentation, and dehydration - popped on pre-moisturiser, gives the skins radiance a bit of a boost, perfects and firms with a cocktail of peptides, antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals. Sarah says it's a good'un for sensitive skins or for those dabbling into anti-ageing for the first time.

Skinesis Dynamic Defence follows said serum step. Aimed at skins concerned with signs of ageing, this supercharged moisturiser protects against oxidative stress, repairs sun damage, improves overall texture and further prevents UV damage with an added SPF 15. 

The wish list. Overnight Facial and Ultimate Cleanse aside, I've been eyeing up a few more bits from the SC range: Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment, think Overnight Facial but for your mitts, Skinesis Intense Hydrating Booster, a silky serum that works as a drink for thirsty skins and Skinesis Overnight Exfoliating Booster, a complexion polisher which sloughs away dead skin whilst you doze with no effort involved. Awesome or what?!


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