17 February 2014

Log On and Repurchase

I'm not sure anything will ever beat the buzz of a beauty hall in the flesh; I'm all for the swooning, swatching, spritzing and sniffing, but what about the products you can't find stashed on the shop shelf? Ah yes, online shopping - home of the hard-to-track-down beauty buys in some cases - a couple of clicks here, a few keyboard taps there, my virtual basket is ready for the checkout and after handing over my card details, my online order is on my doorstep days later. Just as a few repurchases are on the horizon, I have to turn to my trusty laptop for some of my brand faves or products in particular, where surfing and shopping the interwebs is the only way to go...

Typically, my moist-have, Kate Somerville's Goat Milk Cream, can only be found across the pond. Luckily, she's started shipping her little tubs and tubes of amazingness to UK shores - only if you're willing to pay a $25.00 delivery charge, that is *owuch*. It won't be long until my pot produces it's last pump and I have a feeling I'll be stocking up big time to make the most of the postage - either that or it's back to New York (I know what I'd rather choose. NYC, FYI)...

Hunting down a can of La Roche Posay's Serozinc can be a toughie unless you're the other side of the channel, but after a scout about I found that Le Guide Sante are willing to deliver in this direction. Shipping fees are kind of hefty, and they go by weight but if you're Bioderma bulk buying too then it makes things well worth while (P.s here's where to get big bottles of that stuff for cheap too). That same site also stocks my go-to peeper de-puffer, aka Lierac's Diopticalm Anti-Fatigue Balm and Mask, which used to be widely trackable but now only here is where it's at. 

Alpha H Liquid Gold has had a bit of an upgrade since I last re-stocked and is now housed in a gold bottle (panic over to those asking if theirs is a fake!). Type it up in Google and take your pick, it shows up on multiple sites and I'd say it's worth scouring for the best deal. As a few-times weekly treatment, this glycolic acid glow-giver gently exfoliates, helps minimise the appearance of large pores, fades spot scars and wards off further blemishes.

Onto the online-at-Cult-Beauty-only buys, and skincare wise the Borghese Fango Active Mud Mask banishes blackheads like no other clearing clay-based choice I've tried, and it can be smothered on your limbs for a bit of a full body detox. The tube is mahoosive and I predict it lasting long time but it also comes in an even bigger jar if you're wanting to get slap happy with the stuff. Brow and lash brand Queen, Anastasia brings it when it comes to all things eyes; Brow Wiz is my face framer of choice with a fine, non-waxy nib one end imitating fake little hairs, and a mini spooly the other to brush everything into place - plus choosing your selected shade online is made ├╝ber easy. Another offering is Lash Genius, a clear waterproof topcoat which makes any non-waterproof mascara waterproof. Genius indeed. Three Custom Color's Light Clarifying Pencil is a makeup bag staple of mine - a flesh toned multi-tasker which can be used to brighten the waterline, conceal and highlight.

A miracle worker worth investing in if you're after a whole lotta growth to your nails, and fast, is GoNails - rub it in morning and night, and ten days on see mega results. It's shipped over from the States, but usually lands in my letter box within a week (I go for the one off $30.00 airless pump, don't be fooled by the cheaper 'monthly supply' options). 

Now it could be a slight case of risk taking if you're buying for the first time, and sometimes reviews left by fellow beauty fiends can make or break your to-buy-or-not-to-buy decision, but it's one I'm always willing to take. Right, where did I hide my card?


  1. That mascara sounds amazing! And I'm desperate to try that moisturiser!



  2. I hadn't heard of that clarifying pencil before but I'm itching to give it a try now! x


  3. i have been using the serozinc and i'm almost out of it, luckily im taking a trip to France in the summer so i can stock up on all things french pharmacy related xxx


  4. I'm definitely going to pick up the Kate Somerville moisturizer when I go to Florida in May :)
    xxx Claire

  5. Ah it really is - they both are, let's hope KS actually makes it over to our shores, eh?! :-)

  6. It's brilliant stuff, works wonders :-)

  7. Ah it's fab, a makeup staple for me now as nothing wakes up my tired eyes quite like it - highly rec :-)

  8. Ah I like you're thinking Molly - go with an empty suitcase ;-)

  9. Ah you should Claire, it's amazing stuff :-)

  10. its so good to hear another place you can buy bioderma as i'm desperate to try it! thanks alot.


  11. I'm so glad that online shopping exists! It's nice to be able to get your hands on harder to find products from other countries! xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  12. Ah such a shame GMC didn't work for you, but everyone's different! That's fab, thanks so much for the rec. will take a look :-)

  13. Try Escentual.com for the smaller bottles if you're just wanting to try, but Le Guide Sante is one of the easiest ways to get the bigger bottles, and cheap ;-)

  14. Agreed! Online shopping is everything ;-)


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